My Little Blacksmith Shop – How to Obtain The Five Crystals (and Where to Find Them)

This handy little guide will tell you exactly where and how to obtain the five different crystals hidden throughout the MLBS World!

How to Get The Five Crystals

Basic Info

So you wanna know where the five crystals are? Well traveller, first you gotta know what they are, what they do, all that guff. You can skip this by hitting the handy-dandy buttons over on that bar there ->.

Most of the crystals…don’t really do anything of note. The Dark Crystal will interfere with your vision when held, and will make black apparitions appear outside the Mines for added effect. The Fire Crystal has no effect, picking it up will grant no visual of environmental changes, the same for Ice. Light causes a star-like protection area to form around itself when lifted, though this seems to have no effect on gameplay.

The Earth Crystal is by far the most valuable Crystal. When you complete the task to attain this crystal, the door inside the mines shall swing open, allowing access to the deeper portions of the mines.

Obtaining the Crystals

Fire Crystal

This Crystal appears above the torch sconce inside of your shop. It is by far the easiest crystal to obtain, but be wary you don’t accidentally knock it upwards where it becomes hard to reach.

Light Crystal

To find this Crystal, you must venture behind Geoffrey’s Parts Shop, across the river and up the hill to the Church. Enter this religious sanctuary and above the holy book, you shall find one Light Crystal innocently afloat there.

Ice Crystal

This deceivingly hidden Crystal can be found in the river you must cross the reach the Church. Take a dive into the cool and refreshing waters and swim to your right. There, deep beneath the waters surface, lies the Ice Crystal.

Earth Crystal

Obtaining this Crystal requires a sacrifice. Get your forge started up and smelt a shiny copper blade. Be sure this blade is formed in the embossed format. Then, bind it to an One Handed Uncommon Golden Grip and a Common Hero Guard. With sword in hand, leave your shop from the rear and take a left into the forest. There, a stone plinth can be found. Take your newly-crafted sword and sink it deep into the available slot. The three slotted crystals in the stone will light up, and the Earth Crystal will appear. This has the added bonus of granting access to…the Dark Crystal.

Dark Crystal

This Crystal is protected by the Earth Crystal, and so can only be obtained after said Crystal has been located. Enter the Mines and through the door. Take a right at the T-junction and then hold yourself to the left of the caves, do not go towards the jumping platforms. Clamber up the rocky outcropping directly in front of you and you shall find the Dark Crystal afloat there.

What to Do with the Crystals

Well, you take them all down into the darkest dungeons of the mine, across lava-filled pools and through endless abysses, until you find it…the Crystal Gate.

So, those Crystals you’ve got? There are slots available to press them into on that gate. The Dark Crystal goes into the centre slot, and I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

Now, that gate won’t open just because those Crystals are inserted, oh no. You have to click on the rings and twist them, rotating them around until the gate is in perfect alignment. Now this is where I leave you. I can’t just tell you how to fix the entire world now can I?

Hinty hint: By the way, if it looks like it’s perfect, try spinning the central ring, the one the Dark Crystal is attached to. That one is deceptively finnicky.

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