Gothic Playable Teaser – Disable Logging for Performance

The logging system is constantly writing every detail, which results in a huge log file and a decrease in performance. This can be disabled with a small tweak.


You may have noticed after installing this game and playing it for at least 1 hour a massive decrease in HDD space, along with bad performance issues. One of these issues comes from the logger that writes everything down.

Disable Logger

Find Engine.ini in the following directory:

  • steamsteamappscommonTHQBCNP1GothicRemake SavedConfigWindowsNoEditor

Add the following to the end of the file:

  • [Core.Log]
  • Global=off
  • LogInteractiveProcess=all off

Save it.

Delete Old Logs

Navigate to the logs folder and delete the log file to regain lost space. If you are using the above settings the new log will be 99% smaller.

  • steamappscommonTHQBCNP1GothicRemakeSavedLogs

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