Idle Wizard – How to Unlock Alchemist Class

So this is not an optimised guide or a alchemist build just fyi this is for unlocking the alchemist class.

Alchemist Unlock Build

Unlocking the Alchemist

This is for unlocking the class not a build for playing it (in fact the build is probably terrible for playing as an alchemist).


So you are going to need a few things and they are:

  • 500 stat points (more = better. but then im sure someone could probably do this with fewer stat points).
  • 1 e160 mystery (again more = better. same as above).
  • Homunculus and simulacrum unlocked.
  • Void fiend and void terror unlocked.
  • Paragon level 17 (min).
  • Nethershell (chest equipment).

To unlock the alchemist you need:

  • To be an apprentice.
  • Level 67 min.
  • Cast 1.00 e4 spells this exile.
  • 3.00 e3 crafting resources collected this exile.
  • 3.50 e3 alchemy desks (+ red crystal boost. so if you have the red crystal boost at +10 on alchemy desk you will need to have 3510 desks).
  • Hit at least 2.00 e10 void mana this exile.

Stat Distribution

  • Intellegence: 100.
  • Insight: 200 (you want the void boost of this stat).
  • Spellcraft: 60.
  • Wisdom: 0.
  • Dominance: 0.
  • Patience: 10.
  • Mastery: 0.
  • Empathy: 100.
  • Versatility: 0.

This gives you 30 stat points for equipment requirements but you can dump them into empathy.

The Doing

There are 2 parts to this not entirely sure the best way.

Buy 1 alchemy desk then max buy alchemy desks and on to.

Part 1

Buy all the upgrades you can and equip the homunculus pet (upgrade it to the sim as soon you can).


  • Magic missle.
  • Spell focus
  • Empower.
  • Ritual of power.
  • Gem resonance / summon primal elemental (gem while you need spells cast).
  • Conjure manabeast.

All set to reckless casting.

Equipment: anything, preferably something to boost your pet or evocation efficency.

And now the waiting game begins since the homunculus will eventually make all the alchemy desks since it only reproduces sources you have purchased this exile (once you have the required number of desks you can get the other stuff i don’t think it has any effect) you want sim as soon as possible because it boosts rescource accumulation speed (sure its only 10% but its better then nothing) but once you have the required alchemy desks, spells cast, and crafting rescources its time for…

Part 2

Now for the Void mana switch your pet to the voidfiend (and remmeber to upgrade it to void terror at your first chance unless you hit the required void mana).

Equip the nethershell (alongside any void boosting equipment you got pet boosting equipment is a secondary choice).


  • Spell focus.
  • Conjure manabeast.
  • Void lure.
  • Void automaton.
  • Free tile x2 anything goes.

All set to reckless casting.

Again it’s a waiting game though not nearly as long (this is where the 200 insight pays off) as the one to get all the crafting materials once your void mana hits the 2.00+ e10 point, your almost done just switch to alchemist and boom alchemist unlocked no need to run this trial again

Time needed:

1 day +/- (should take less then a day but then it all depends on how much attention you are paying to what is completed since this needs a lot of idle’ing).

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