Mad Experiments: Escape Room – Puzzle Solutions Guide

This guide will give you clues for the puzzles.

Guide to Puzzle Solutions


Each clue is given 1 hint at at time to not spoil the entire puzzle at once. Of course don’t read at all if you want to avoid spoilers and solve the puzzles on your own. Try to solve as many puzzles as you can without using the hints. This makes completing the game more rewarding.

Small Cupboard

  • Hint 1: Notice the colored dots on the keypad.
  • Hint 2: The color of the dots can be found in the room.
  • Hint 3: How often can each color be found in the room?
  • Hint 4: Count the number of colored lamps in the room for each color.

Solution: 3 1 2

Turn on the Lights

  • Hint 1: There is a light switch next to the top of the stairs, but it has no power.
  • Hint 2: Follow the electrical wires.
  • Hint 3: The wires lead to a door.
  • Hint 4: To open the door, find a key.
  • Hint 5: A key is normally hidden inside another object.
  • Hint 6: The key is hidden in the vase. The vase is next to safe against the wall.
  • Hint 7: Open the door at the bottom of the stairs with the key.
  • Hint 8: The machine needs an object to work.
  • Hint 9: It needs the electrical device.
  • Hint 10: The electrical device is in the small cupboard you just opened in puzzle 1.

Solution: Find the key in the vase. Bring the key to the door (at the bottom of the stairs) to open the door. Bring the electrical device found in the small cupboard to the machine. The machine is found in the room at the bottom of the stairs. Turn on the light switch.

The Safe

  • Hint 1: The keypad of the safe seems dark.
  • Hint 2: You need to power the keypad.
  • Hint 3: Notice the electrical wires.
  • Hint 4: There is a set of 5 power coils in the room.
  • Hint 5: There are 3 notes that help you for this puzzle.
  • Hint 6: 
    1/3: The first one and the last one are different.
    2/3: Four of them form two pairs, with the fifth in the middle.
    3/3: and vice – versa.
  • Hint 7: Notice the color on the 2nd note.
  • Hint 8: The color is blue for the middle power coil.
  • Hint 9: Two need to be red and two yellow.
  • Hint 10: Notice the electrical wires going to a 2nd location.
  • Hint 11: There is another set of 5 power coils in the cellar.
  • Hint 12: 3/3: and vice – versa.

  • Solution: Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red in top room.
  • Solution: Red, Red , Blue, Yellow, Yellow in cellar.

Cabinet with Keypad

  • Hint 1: You need a note to solve the keypad.
  • Hint 2: Notice the correct note has the same symbol as the bottle in the cabinet.
  • Hint 3: The note can be found under a box and has a white symbol on it.
  • Hint 4: About the note: Sometimes the text looks a bit different.
  • Hint 5: You need 5 capital letters to make a word.
  • Hint 6: The keypad only needs 3 inputs.
  • Hint 7: The letters spell the word “water”.
  • Hint 8: How can “water” be written as a 3 letter input?

Solution: H2O


  • Hint 1: There are 2 hints for the fireplace.
  • Hint 2: 1 hint is the music player, the other is a note.
  • Hint 3: The note is on the couch.
  • Hint 4: The music player needs a swindle, but it’s too hot to touch.
  • Hint 5: How to turn off the fire?
  • Hint 6: Use the water bottle on the fire.
  • Hint 7: One one = 11 = two ones = 21.
  • Hint 8: What would 21 be?
  • Hint 9: 21 = One two and one one. What is the next number?
  • Hint 10: =1211.
  • Hint 11: You need 6 numbers.
  • Hint 12: Keep on counting, next number = Three ones and one two = ?.
  • Hint 13: =3112.
  • Hint 14: Again, you need 6 numbers, keep on going.
  • Hint 15: One three, etc….

Solution: 132112


  • Hint 1: Find 3 notes in the maze.
  • Hint 2: What is on the note, do you notice that anywhere?
  • Hint 3: Notice the lights.
  • Hint 4: The lights are blinking in morse. (free tip: easiest is the enter the maze fresh and start reading the morse from the start).
  • Hint 5: You get 6 letters in morse.
  • Hint 6: … .–. .. .-. .. –
  • Hint 7: First letter is S.

Solution: S P I R I T

Open the Safe

Hint: The safe needs a 6 letter word.

Solution: Enter SPIRIT in the keypad of the powered safe.

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