A Hat in Time – Purple Time Rifts Storybook Pages Guide (All Locations for Two Chapters)

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This guide will show you A Hat in Time Purple time rifts storybook page locations.

All Storybook Page Locations

Mafia Town

I’m going to skip describing what time rifts are and such as i’m guessing you already know that already. So lets get right to it.

Chapter 1: Mafia town

There are Seven areas and 6 Pages in this rift, i’m going to go in order to make this easier for the both of us.

First area: 1 Page.

Climb the tower to the left of the mafia/pipe and on the roof it will be behind the pile of fish.

Second Area: 1 Page.

To the right of the pipe there is a building, walk behind it and the page will be sitting there.

Third Area: 2 Pages.

The 3rd page is located to the right of the shipping containers located to the right.

The 4th Page is located behind the red building, sitting on the side halfway up.

Forth Area: 1 Page.

For this page you need to climb to the top of the boat on the left side.

Fifth Area: 0 Pages.

Sixth Area: 1 Page.

This page is very easy to miss, it is located under the bridge behind where you spawn.

Congrats you collected all the pages for Chapter 1!

Dead Bird Studio

Chapter 2: Dead Bird Studio

There are five areas and 8 pages in this rift.

First Area: 1 Page.

The first page is super easy, just get to the pipe and the page is right next to it with the studio equipment.

Second Area: 2 Pages.

One of the pages is located on the left side of the map, on top of one of the grey pillars, you will need to jump on the electric wires to reach it.

The other page is right next to the exit pipe.

Third Area: 3 Pages.

The 3 pages are all pretty close together that you can actually see them all at once when pretty high up. (right side from where you start)

From where you spawn make your way forward and then right and you should come across the area where its located.

Reaching a high place will make this page very simple to get too.

Jump across from the previous page will lead you directly to this one (use the first pic for reference)

Forth Area: 1 Page.

The page is just standing at the bottom in one of the corners of the map.

Fifth Area: 1 Page.

Just in front of where you spawn you can wall jump up onto a platform above which leads to the last page.

Across and above from the broken window.

Chapter 2 pages complete!

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