Halo: The Master Chief Collection – How to Fix Sign in Error

Sign in Error Solution Guide


So you have built your new custom rig, you just cant wait to play some Halo reach, and you open the game for the first time and then. It greats you with a huge middle finger and some sad Halo music to go along with it, as what you then see after you pressed your enter key and gives you a sign in error. you get upset that you paid full price for a game that doesent even work (343 plz fix!), and later you searched the web and could not find a solution. well I might have yours here, as some causes of the sign in error may be differ from other PCs.


  • Solution 1: simply launch Halo MCC from the Windows start menu or just open it from the Xbox app.
  • Solution 2: Go into your file exploror, goto “This PC”, then goto your C: Drive>Users>*Your profile name*>AppData>LocalLow. Now here you will find a folder named “MCC” and what you want to do is simply right click it and hit delete. Now you should be good and you will be able to sign in, and please note that this may not work the second time you reboot your system.
  • Solution 3: Right click on your start menu icon, click “Run” and type in “Regedit” and then it will prompt you to open the registry editor. Then goto “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” > “Software” > “Microsoft” > “XboxLive”, then you want to delete everything within the folders. This may work for some people though it never worked for me and I don’t know if it is an edit that requires you to reboot your PC to take effect or not.
  • Solution 4: Sometimes it is not the game’s fualt but rather your fire wall, so goto your control panel and disable your firewall and reboot the game from there.
  • Solution 5: Goto your control panel click “View by” then view them by either large or small icons (your choice) then goto “Administrative tools”, another window will come up so then you want to goto “Services” , and another window will appear and then you wanna scroll all the way down until you see “Xbox Live Networking service” select that, right click it and hit restart. and then you are good to go and you can open the game and sign in.
  • Solution 6: Reset/Do a fresh install of Windows. Save this solution for last because this one kinda sucks, but ultimately works for me every time. Back up any important files you want to keep (Pictures, cat videos, launch codes, etc) and reset you PC or make a fresh install of windows via USB drive (Your choice). Reason is because alot of time it is the windows configuration files that like to screw crap up sometimes.
  • Solution 7: As you stated sometimes it is the servers that are causing this issue meaning that if you wait for a few hours than it might just work. So if anyone’s just got the game for the first time or is having this issue for the first time and none of the fixes you’ve found work, just try again in a few hours and keep an eye on server status type sites.
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  1. I had this same problem running MCC on Linux using Proton. What resolved my issue was changing the DNS server on my router. The default was (the router), I changed it to (This is a public DNS server). Once I did this, I no longer received the “Error encountered while signing in to Xbox Live” message. Hope this helps someone else.

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