Conarium – 100% Walkthrough

Video walkthrough focusing on finding all documents, secrets and trophies.


Now that I’ve found everything, I thought it might be helpful to do a guide showing the location of all of the collectibles and secrets in the game for those who haven’t gotten them. For each section I’ll include a checklist of everything that you can find in any given area and should be listed in the order they are found in the videos.

Part #1

The first section covers jut the first floor of the base. By the time you reach the elevator you should have the following.

Documents (10/25) 

  • De Wittes Medical records #1 
  • Hansens Journal #1 
  • Dr. Faust’s note about expedition purpose 
  • Note about base location 
  • Barlow’s journal #1 
  • Hansen’s journal #2 
  • Barlow’s journal #2 
  • Ferguson’s note on dreams 
  • Note about death and suspension 
  • De Witte’s medical records #2 

Trophies (3/20) 

  • At the mountains of Madness book 
  • World History and Myths 
  • sketchbook #1 

Secrets (3/7)

  • Mechanical head 
  • carved figure 
  • Note from De Witte’s locker

Part #2

Covering the lower floor of the base and the first part of the ruins.

Documents (19/25) 

  • Note on mental stability 
  • Note about Conarium Sessions 
  • Anonymous Note 
  • Note about D’versahe 
  • Note about dangerous plants 
  • Blake’s notes #1 
  • Note on cavern climate 
  • Note on underwater caverns 

Trophies (9/20) 

  • Blue Statuette 
  • Timebore book 
  • Sketchbook #2 
  • Golden pinecone 
  • Elder sign tablet 
  • Reptilian Statue 

Secrets (4/7) 

  • Distress message from radio

Part #3

Covering the Entrance to the city.

Documents (20/25) 

  • Dr. Faust’s note on stopping Frank’s heart 

Trophies (12/20) 

  • Phonograph cylinder 
  • Elder stone 
  • Feathered Mask 

Secrets (5/7) 

  • Star Map on dome ceiling

Part #4

Covering the Connection Halls and Dr. Faust’s manor.

Documents (25/25) 

  • Dr. Faust’s Journal #1 
  • Letter about Necromancy 
  • Letter about ruins in Arabian desert 
  • Dr. Faust’s journal #2 
  • Dr. Faust’s journal #3 

Trophies (18/20) 

  • Reptilian Mask 
  • Wind Instrument 
  • Sacrificial Dagger 
  • Darkness Within Book (you may need to reload save for it to show up) 
  • Penguin Figurine 
  • Squid Mask 

Secrets (7/7) 

  • Letter about the first conarium 
  • Star map on library ceiling

Part #5

Covering the desert ruins and endgame, there’s not much to find here.

Trophies (20/20)

  • Elder Thing statue 
  • Necronomicon

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