Dead Frontier 2 – Leveling Guide (How to Level)

Don’t want to grind? Here’s the secret.

How to Level in Dead Frontier 2 (Useful Hints)

Don’t Do Quests

Quests are terrible exp, unless they are for lvl 25+ areas.

If you are just starting, you might be forced to do quests until you are more established. But, I assure you, once you are established and can kill normal zombies easily, there are much faster ways to level.

If I go to a low level area for a 1,500 exp quest, I will get a minimum of 7 exp per kill. By the time I’m done, I maybe made 2,200 exp in total. That’s if I killed 100 zombies along the way. Now let’s compare that to a high level quest.

3,000 exp quest, I will get a minimum of 40 exp per kill. Maybe I kill 100 zombies doing that, and I end up with 7,000 exp. Why the big difference? It’s mainly because I killed zombies worth good exp.

It’s about killing two birds with one stone. If you can get good exp from the zombies *and* complete a quest, that is a good quest to do.

If there are no good quests, just go to a lvl 25 or lvl 30 area and kill zombies. It is a better use of your time. These areas have a huge exp boost.

Horde Events

Horde events are the most efficient way to level, period. An effective horde event is worth about 20,000 exp (no boosts). If you win, you will also get a 40% exp bonus for 2 hours (20% if you arrive too late). This is applied to quests/books that you turn in, too.

3 times a day, there is an event where an outpost is attacked. It is random, as far as I can tell, but it will be either Dallbow, Haverbrook, or Greywood.

The next horde event has a timer that shows at the bottom of the car map screen. These are the times; you can use google to adjust for your timezone.

  • 4 pm EST
  • 8 pm EST
  • 7 am EST

If you can do 12 damage in one attack, then you can one hit kill any zombie in the Dallbow and Haverbrook’s horde event. This is vital, since it maximizes your killing speed. Spawn speed is determined by killing speed.

You will get about 20,000 exp in 30 minutes.

You can’t beat this figure, especially since it can be accessed at such low level. Greywood is hard, though, so if you are not killing effectively, that one is best skipped.

Lvl 30 Areas

When you kill a zombie in a lvl 30 area, it grants about 6x more exp than if you kill it in some low level area.

It’s about 40-80 exp per kill, depending on the size of the zombie. 100 zombies is 4000-8000 exp.

A lvl 20 character with a sufficiently good weapon and/or ammo can handle a lvl 30 area. It is dangerous, but doable. You can buy decent guns/armor cheaply at the market because there is an oversupply.

What’s different about a lvl 30 area?

Almost all zombies will be special colored, meaning they can inflict status ailments. All these zombies have double hp from their normal counterparts. In a lvl 30 area, a final 50% hp bonus is given. They are pretty tanky.

Most zombies will run. Most zombies will puke. Worms are common. Rooms will have many more zombies.

How to Prepare for Lvl 30 Areas

  1. Always increase damage when you level. Damage is your most important skill, because a one hit kill is fast and efficient.
  2. If you use a gun, get reload speed as fast as you can. Reloading is a death sentence, because any hit will interrupt you. So, the shorter it is and less you reload, the better you are.
  3. Get the best weapon you can without spending more than $1000. There is an oversupply of weapons, and you can get some decent stuff for dirt cheap.
  4. Get clothes with good modifiers. Again, dirt cheap, because there are too many clothes around.
  5. Carry Burns Kits or stay away from areas with fire zombies. Burns are the worst status ailment, causing you to take 50% more damage. The type of zombie that is present is town specific. It changes from day to day.
  6. If you are melee, do not invest more than 2 points into Brute Strength. You will push the zombies too far if you go beyond that. It’s just a waste of skill points.
  7. Do not use a 2 round clip. It is just terrible in groups.
  8. Have one point in Stealth, for safety.
  9. Bring at least 1000 ammo. It will be used surprisingly quick. Bring sufficient healing, too.

Locked Doors and Loot

Locked Doors usually will have a Superior item in them. Occasionally it will be a White or Rare item. Other times, it can be another key. These can be good to know about, since you might find gold behind these doors.

Loot is level capped. If you are lvl 15, you can’t find something for lvl 20’s or higher. It is also area capped. I don’t think you will find a lvl 30 item in Dallbow.

Horde Event Strategies

There are a few things I have learned about Horde Events:

  1. Sometimes the door bugs and breaks on its own. If this is happening, you need to enter a door and then return. It will reset the bug and save the door from destroying itself. I have lost Dallbow events due to this, despite having almost nothing touch the door.
  2. Bring a full inventory of ammo/healing. You aren’t picking up anything, and the zombies can get feisty. Every minute counts, so spending time at the car or account stash for a refill is lost exp.
  3. Leaving does not stop the door from breaking. I think even logging out doesn’t do anything. It will just break. The only way to cheese the door is to enter and leave a door repeatedly.

Boss Hunting

Boss Hunting can be a good way to level, too. But it requires much more investment, and is more of a high level pursuit. I would not recommend it for newcomers. Bosses are ultimately about loot, being the only source of Elite items.

Lvl 30 bosses are worth about 5k exp each. They have a lot of health, something like 500+, so you need to have high damage. They do about 70 damage a hit, too. You might spend 15 minutes fighting a boss (including room clear time).

Don’t bother with low level bosses. Normal low tier bosses, like Fingers or Choir give about 1.3k exp. You could fight for 5 minutes in a lvl 30 area and probably get the same amount of exp.

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