Serious Sam Classics: Revolution – Cheat Codes

This is a simple and complete guide about how to enable all in-game cheats with also in-game commands console. You won’t need to download and install anything.


All credit goes to Sir Дnarchist!

Enable cheats will cause them to be enabled always for the whole game unless you restart the game or by loading and old save without cheats activated.

This cheats are “Developer Cheats” so you won’t be punished or banned if someone notice you are using them.

How to Activate Cheats

First of all, we’ll need to enable cheats being in-game. We’ll press F1 key to open the in-game command console. Then we’ll write the next comand: “/cht_bEnable=1” and press enter key. We’ve enabled cheats!

Cheat Codes

Then press F1 key again to close the in-game command console and we’ll see a red text on screen that told us “Cheats Enabled”.

We’ll need to add “=1” for enable cheats and “=0” for disble the switchable cheats. For example: “/cht_bGod=1” will enable gode mode, “/cht_bGod=0” will disble god mode.

We’ll need to proceed the same for almost every cheat, most useful are shown in the list below:

  • /cht_bEnabled – Enable Cheats.
  • /cht_bGod – Enable God mode.
  • /cht_bRefresh – Refills your health bar.
  • /cht_fGiveHealth – Gives you an specified amount of health.
  • /cht_fGiveArmor – Gives you an specified amount of armor.
  • /cht_bGiveAll – Gives you all weapons.
  • /cht_bInfiniteAmmo – Gives you infinite ammo.
  • /cht_bFly – Enable flying.
  • /cht_Invisible – Gives you invisibility.
  • /cht_bGhost – Enable spectator/free cam mode.

/cht_fGiveArmor and /cht_fGiveHealth cheats doesnt work like switchable cheats so you need to specify the ammonut you want of each other.

For example: /cht_fGiveArmor=2000 will give you 2000 armour. This works same with Health.

We can also write /cht and press Tab key and a list of all cheats will be shown in command console.

Every enabled and switchable cheat will appear in white text under “Cheats Enabled” red text.

Some Issues:

  • If you exit to main menu, cheats will be disabled and if you doesnt restart game, play again and also enable cheats, the lastest switchable cheats you havent disabled will be already enabled.
  • You can’t disable non switchable cheats.
  • /cht_bGhost cheat will also allow you to fly.
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