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Roblox - Monsters of Etheria Codes (September 2020)

Sep 1, 2020    

All the valid (not expired) Monsters of Etheria (Roblox game by Uglypoe) codes in one list. Here are tons of rewards, but codes expire, so be quick and redeem them.

All Monsters of Etheria Promo Codes

Valid Codes

There are tons of rewards, but codes expire:

  • Sunshine2020: Redeem this code to receive Sunshine Elekity as reward.
  • SummerFun2020: Redeem this code to receive 300 credits as reward.
  • UglyNotSoPoe: Redeem this code to receive 30 Self Crates.

Expired Codes

  • HappyEaster2020: Redeem this code and receive 2 Multi Crates.
  • CodeFix2020: Redeem this code and receive 1 Multi Crate.

How to Redeem Monsters of Etheria Codes

Go to the shop (red building) click on the codes tab (the blue one), enter your code and press enter to redeem it.

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How to Play Monsters of Etheria

For good playind you need explore the Alchas region, collect many distinctive Etherians, and train to become the best! If you fancy battling, defy PvP mode and duke it out with alternative players to check who’s the strongest Etherian! If you like perform, be a part of RP mode for a peaceful modification of pace wherever you'll be able to defy a job and begin an journey with others.

Game:   Roblox