Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Controls for Nintendo Switch

This guide will detail all of the controls which you need to know while playing Animal Crossing New Horizons the game. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Controls

  • Move – R
  • Sprint – Hold B
  • Pan Camera – L
  • Interact / Talk – A
  • Speed-up/Skip Text – Hold B
  • Access Inventory – X
  • Shake Tree – A
  • Pick-up Item – Y
  • Write Speech Bubble – R
  • Reaction – ZR
  • Enter Tents and Houses – A
  • Show Map – Remain Still / ZL and then select the Map app
  • Use NookPhone – ZL
  • Get in Bed – Push R towards the bed
  • Open Package – A
  • Pick-up Placed Item – Y
  • Move or Rotate Placed Item – Stand Still, then hold A and then move R in the direction of choice
  • Craft Items – Go to Tom Nook’s Workbench or yours, then press A
  • Equip Tool – X to enter your Inventory, A to select and then Hold the tool
  • Change Tool – Left or Right
  • Unequip Tool / Enter design mode when in house – Down
  • Toggle Tool Selection Ring – Up
  • Enter Design Mode – Down (when in your house)
  • Save and Exit –
  • Get Rescued – ZL, then select the Rescue Service app with A
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