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Folklore Hunter - Comprehensive Basic Guide

Written by Insert Joke There   /   Mar 23, 2020    

This guide contains a full breakdown of notes, locations, monster AI, bugs, items, crafting, strategy and much more.

Guide to Basics


Warning! This game is in early access so some of this information may become outdated as the developer updates.

Before you continue. This game is extremely terrifying the first time playing though. I urge you to play it once through and find stuff on your own. once you have played through once and want to know where to go to progress, then you can read through this guide.

Night Of The Windigo Map

Location of Notes

Map of all known Notes

Note #1 Located in the campsite right outside of the house leaning on a tree

Note #2 Located on a fork in the road leaning on a post

Note #3 Located in the cave under the swamp behind a big boulder

Note #4 Located inside of the top of the swamp

Note #5 Located at the spot where the house disappears

Although there are 7 total notes in the game I could only find 5 of them.

Points of Interest

Map of all important areas

Shaman House

  • Located at the top right of the map by the river in a cave.
  • Has several Windigo Cameras in and around it.
  • Has skulls and "Demonic/Ancient" engravings and masks inside.
  • Has same mask as there is inside the house.

  • Does not contain any items or notes.


  • Is at the end of the main river near the upper middle of the map.
  • Consists of several small islands.
  • Crates commonly appear inside.
  • Has one note at very top island.


  • Located in Middle left of map NNW of leftest fork in the trails.
  • Has long entrance with big room at the end.
  • Contains large face carved into the cave walls.

  • Windigo cannot enter cave at night?.
  • Contains note #3.


  • Appears after night #3.
  • Disappears after you leave.
  • Does not contain any notes or items.
  • Safe spot at night.
  • You can ride a ferris wheel.


  • Located at the bottom left of the map off of the trail.
  • Contains spots for placing Runes (Not in the game yet) (these spots will be replaced with metal holders soon).
  • Does not contain any items or notes.

Runes: Ancient, Builder, Capital, Chief, Cold, Danger, Fire, Spirit, Island, Living, Snake, Spirits.

  • Rune of the Ancient

  • Rune of the Builder

  • Rune of Capital

  • Rune of Chief

  • Rune of the Cold

  • Rune of Danger

  • Rune of Fire

  • Rune of Great Spirit

  • Rune of Island

  • Rune of the Spirits

  • Rune of the Snake

  • Rune of the Spirits

Windigo Mechanics

The Windigos AI does not just spawn in at night and run right at you. It actually has to find you through Sight, Sound or Smell.


  • The Windigo can smell meat on the map and when spawned in will move to areas with meat in them to either eat the meat or find you.


  • The Windigo can see well in the dark but not through foliage.
  • The Windigo will remember where it saw you last through either memory or through these "Cameras" hidden thorugh out the map.
  • These "cameras" can be rotated in order to keep the Windigo from seeing where you travel to during the day.


  • The Windigo can hear Gunshots, Traps and if you are close enough, Running.
  • The best way to lure a Windigo to your area is by firing one shot out of your rifle. This usually causes the Windigo to let out a sound like a roar. as well when the Windigo knows where you are you will hear your characters heartbeat and breathing.
  • In Multiplayer shooting your gun can cause the Windigo to stop chasing someone who is in the forest alone.


The Windigo lets out a variety of sound during the night to both lure you out and make you Sh*t yourself. These sounds include:

  • Children Crying/Laughing.
  • Human Voices.
  • "String" Instruments.
  • Howl.
  • Growl.
  • Snarl.
  • Fire Crackeling.

Safe Spots

  • The Windigo cannot enter the house in the beginning of the game. Once the house is gone there are still many places that you can go that he cannot kill you from.
  • The House.
  • "Safe Sticks".

  • Large Rocks.
  • The Cave at night with no lights on.



  • Has a 4 Bullet Magazine.
  • Infinite Range / No Bullet Drop / Infinite Travel Speed.
  • Friendly Fire is Enabled In Multiplayer.
  • Does Little to no Damage to Windigo.
  • Have to reload manually.
  • Can shoot with any item selected in Hot Bar.
  • Given at beginning of game.

Silver Bullets Ammo

  • Ammo for the gun.
  • Found in Crates.


  • Right Click in Inventory to use.
  • Heals damage from Players or Windigo.
  • Found in crates.


  • Right Click to recharge flashlight (L).
  • Found in crates.


  • Place with Left Click when item is highlighted and glowing green.
  • Enter Camera View with "TAB" and exit with "ESC".
  • Cycle through cameras with the drop down menu in the camera view.
  • Found around map or in crates.


  • Place with Left Click when item is highlighted and glowing green.
  • Used to lure Monsters to traps and areas (Monster will eat the meat if player is not found).
  • Can be placed on traps.
  • Found around map or by killing Stags.


  • Place with Left Click when item is highlighted and glowing green.
  • When Monster walks over trap it is injured slightly and is stunned for 4 seconds (Windigo will run away after getting trapped).
  • Can be reset with (E).
  • Cannot be picked up.
  • Players can die to them.
  • Found around map or in crates or in the crafting menu (3 Scrap = 1 Trap).

Map of all items

Bugs and Glitches

SmirkStick, if you are reading this guide this part is all of the bugs that me and my friend encountered while playing.

  • You can sleep till dusk after 5pm and cause the game to go back in time.
  • You can climb on various rocks in both the cave and the forest.
  • The "Safety SticksTM" are all around the map and the Windigo cant hit you on any of them.
  • You cant drop items in multiplayer.
  • Cameras and Traps can float (there really isnt a solution to this problem).
  • You can sprint sideways and backwards.
  • Reloading the gun reloads the whole clip instead of just the missing bullets.
  • Might not be a bug but the Windigo cannot enter the cave.
  • When a camera is placed on the Ferris Wheel the camera model will stay still while the camera view will move. This works with traps too.

Written by Insert Joke There.