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Lewdapocalypse - Complete Achievement Guide

Written by M200   /   May 3, 2020    

Instructions for obtaining all the achievements in the game and a few walkthrough advises.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Introduction and Advises

So, here a funny fact :Shooting mechanic here is strange. Instead of doing "invisible damage laser" from player to a zombie, the game just giving a damage to the point on the screen. Exception for the granate launcher that shooting with flying projectile.

Story Achievements

List of achievements that you will get anyway, while playing the game (excluding boss battles and puzzles).

First blood

  • Kill the first Zombie.

Blow my mind

  • First Headshot.

10 frags

  • Kill 10 enemies.

This is my Boom-Stick!

  • Get the Shotgun!

BOOM! Shake the room

  • Get the Granade Launcher!

Say hello to my little friend!

  • Get the Assault Rifle.

I’ll give ya ♥♥♥!

  • Kill the final Boss.

Try New Game +

  • Finish the game once.

1/3 Ending.

  • Get the first ending.

Finish the game for the first time.

2/3 Ending

  • Get two endings.

Finish the game for a second time.

At the end of the day!

  • Finish the game for three times.

Yep, you got it, you need to finish the game a third time.

That's all Folks!

  • Get all three endings.

You 'll get this achievement right after the previous one.

Try again!

  • Finish the New Game.


Achievements, were you need to do at least something.

Free the ♥♥♥s!

  • Set them free!

Deactivate censorship in main menu.

Knowledge is power!

  • Now you know!

Click on the "!" sign in main menu, near to UI scale button.

Brace yourself

  • First kill with GranadeLauncher.

Use GranadeLauncher after you get it.

Death is only the beginning

  • Die for a first time.

You did it the lulz!

  • Die 20 times.

Better do this achievement on a boss. Its much faster then on a regular stage.

10 props

  • Brake 10 props.

Brake 10 crates on levels by shooting them.

100 props

  • Brake 100 props.

Brake 100 crates on levels by shooting them.

800 props

  • Brake 800 props.

Brake 800 crates on levels by shooting them, you will need a damn more then one walkthrough to get this achievement.

100 frags

  • Kill 100 enemies.

You 'll get it on a second walkthrough.

1000 frags

  • Kill 1000 enemies.

You 'll get it after 2nd or 3rd walkthrough.

10 barrels

  • Explode 10 barrels.

Explode 10 red barrels on levels by shooting them.

10 0barrels

  • Explode 100 barrels.

Explode 100 red barrels on levels by shooting them, you will need more then one walkthrough to get this achievement.

200 barrels

  • Explode 200 barrels.

Explode 200 red barrels on levels by shooting them, you will need more then one walkthrough to get this achievement.

Pickup master!

  • Pick up 100 items.

Pick up 100 items from crates on levels, you will need more then one walkthrough to get this achievement.

Resist it!

  • Overcome!

In the main menu click quit button. When game will ask "quit game?" click "cancel".

All you need is Love!

  • Finish the game using only your pistol.

You need to get some skill level in this game. The hardest times come right after you get Granate Launcher, because on the next stages you meet this super fast zombies. So, you better be rready for those. Also smash crates and take knifes, they 'll save from being damaged.

Look, but don't touch

  • Finish the game without Being Touched or Damaged.

Get this achievement much more easier on New Game +, where you get a powerful weapons with endless ammo. Reloadings are allowed.

La Petite Robe Noire

  • Unlock all outfits.

There a 5 additional outfits in the game and you 'll get one at time after finishing a walkthrough. So, you just need to beat the game five times.


Puzzles in the game depends on your choice: run or fight with Penesis.


  • Complete 01 puzzle.

You 'll get it automatically in the beginning.


  • Unlock all the scenes.

You can easily get it after third walkthrough by choosing different options.

Boss Battles Achievements

Almost all boss achievements getting by approaching.

Cool da ♥♥♥ down!

  • Kill Penesis at the Post Office or avoiding the boss.

Let’s play!

  • Fight Penesis at the Restaurant.

The only exception is this achievement.

Social Justice!

  • Kill Nicole at the Laboratory.

in this case you need to challenge Penesis (the boss) until the bridge. There you must avoid him by jumping into the river. When you get to the laboratory, you will meet Nicole and have a fight with her or him.

Written by M200.