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Total War: Shogun 2 - Complete Achievements Guide

Written by tonym91   /   May 11, 2020    

All of the achievements you can get playing the Shogun 2 game including the Fall of The Samurai DLC.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Shogun 2 Campaign Game

Unnecessary Force

  • Completely wipe out an enemy unit.
  • Start any battle and completely wipe out any army. "No prisoners!"

Commander of Commoners

  • Keep at least 4 ashigaru units for a whole battle without routing once.
  • You can siege with an army of ashigaru archers and shoot the defending force to death.


  • Collect 10,000 heads of enemy soldiers
  • This is a cumulative award, keep defeating enemy armies manual or auto and it should eventually unlock, check the records for the units destroyed.

Holder of Shikoku

  • Control the Shikoku province.
  • Take the four provinces Iyo, Tosa, Sanuki and Awa south of Japan on the island of Shikoku.

Balanced Attacker

  • Win a battle using an army composed of at least one of every class of unit (sword infantry, cavalry, archer, matchlock, spear, naginata).
  • Make sure one of your armies has every unit available and win a battle, hero units not needed.

Holder of Kyushu

  • Control the Kyushu province.
  • Not a province but large island west of Japan. Take Satsuma, Osumi, Hyuga, Bungo, Higo, Hizen, Tsukushi and Buzen provinces.

Inspiring Counterattack

  • Successfully rally 5 units at once with one use of the general's rally ability. Not earned but try a custom siege have a huge army of weak unis attacking a base and attack with 5/6 ashigaru until they rout. Make sure your general is near five units.

The Army on the March

  • Win 25 land battles.
  • A buggy cheevo, I earned it despite wining a manual siege after doing more then 40 battles of a combination of manual and auto battles.

A Promising Beginning

  • Complete a campaign on easy difficulty.
  • If you are new to the game, play this to learn the ropes otherwise Against All Odds.

Divine Right

  • Achieve the ultimate goal and become Shogun in the grand campaign.
  • Earn this while going for a difficulty campaign, it will take a year in game to be awarded the title and be prepared every clan will attack you soon after for Dividing the Realm.

Fearsome Commander of Men

  • Obtain a maximum level general in the campaign.
  • Use only one general and try and take on everyone, I found leading a army of only Bow Cavalry a easier to do thanks to mobility both on the battle and campaign.

Agent of the Stealthy Blade

  • Obtain a maximum level ninja in the campaign.
  • Easier on lower difficulty levels but keep using one Ninja for all your espionage fun and start assassinations once he is competent to do so until you reach 6 star level. It can be easier and or quicker to have Ninja clan province. Like everything else it may unlock immediately or after a round of two.


  • Win a defensive siege battle with the lady of the house, the Onna-Bugeisha, as your general.
  • Somewhat hard with timing, you should have an army ready break out of a siege in one turn, have your Daimyo and all generals killed until it's only the wife of the Daimyo is left. Win the defensive siege and bring down the patriarch with embarrassment. May not unlock immediately.

Eradicate the Ikko-Ikki

  • Wipe out the Ikko-Ikki.
  • Be the first to destroy this clan, the capital is Echizen, this is North East of Kyoto.

Eradicate the Hattori

  • Wipe out the Hattori clan in the campaign.
  • Like above, be the first to kill them before anyone can. Their capital is Iga South East of Kyoto.

Living for Battle

  • Obtain a unit of maximum rank in the grand campaign.
  • Easiest way is to have Nanban Trade Ships, be Christian and build the Nanban Quarter and have three/four blitz through the opposition.

Trade Route Monopoly

  • Control all the trade posts on the map at the same time.
  • See above, use the Nanban Trade Ships to control the trade posts while killing anyone who comes raiding you, you do not need to worry about piracy your trade lines.

A Respectable Rule

  • Complete a campaign on medium difficulty.
  • See Against All Odds.

Belligerent Admiral

  • Sink a European caravel or the flagship vessel the Nihon Maru during a naval battle.
  • If you can find the Shogun's personal ship the Nihon Maru sink it with a huge fleet or use the powerful Nanban Trade Ships. If you can't find it, look for the The Black Ship of the Portuguese faction, they appear a few times a year passing through North Sea of Japan.

Glittering Grand Cities

  • Be the first clan in the campaign to master the art of epic architecture.
  • Another glitchy cheevo,all I can say is research it quickly on the Way of Chi tree and wait a few rounds for it to take affect, it took me 5 different campaigns for it to unlock.

Shimazu Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Shimazu clan.
  • Self explanatory, do it on easy and keep it short.

Soaring Fame

  • Obtain 100 fame within 20 turns.
  • This requires fast conquering of multiple provinces and defeating armies but the Shogun, your fame must reach legendary level and wait a round for it to unlock.

Legendary Sohei

  • Obtain a maximum level monk.
  • Recruit a monk and keep converting provinces, agents until you reach level 6, like any other agent use the Holy Site provinces to recruit high level monks.

Military Might

  • Be the first clan in the campaign to master the art of Shih.
  • The final research card at the bottom of the Bushido research tree, this was not glitchy for me and will take some time to get to it. Prepare for a long wait.

Chosokabe Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Chosokabe clan.
  • Play as the Chosokabe.

Advanced Firearms

  • Be the first clan in the campaign to obtain gunpowder mastery.
  • Research the Gunpowder Mastery card in the Bushido research tree.

Date Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Date clan.
  • Go on a date with the shogun and win the heart of Japan (A joke? Maybe)

Master Interrogator

  • Obtain a maximum level metsuke.
  • This is agent is found in the market building, build the skill over time apprehending agents and or to make it easier build the highest building in a province with Philisophical Tradition (Scroll symbol) and recruit a higher experience agent.

Famed Shogun

  • Complete a campaign on hard difficulty.
  • See Against All Odds.

Oda Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Oda clan.
  • You 'Oda' be able to figure this out.

Tokugawa Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Tokugawa clan.
  • Come at me bro.

One Rule Under God

  • Win a campaign as a Christian daimyo.
  • Become a Christian and fight the heathens until win. Deus Vult.

Takeda Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Takeda clan.
  • An relation to Takeshi Castle?

Against All Odds

  • Complete a campaign on legendary difficulty.
  • Earning this will complete all other difficulty based cheevos. Play a short campaign with a clan such as Shimazu convert to Christianity quickly or Otomo (DLC) who are already Christian and build huge armies with guns, every clan is going to hate you regardless and avoid any two front wars. if you see large hordes run away and converge your forces to fight or risk losing everyone. Try this without going bankrupt!

Mori Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Mori clan.
  • Spoiler, you do not play as the All Blacks rugby team.

Stubborn Pursuer of Victory

  • Complete a campaign on very hard difficulty.
  • You can see Against All Odds or come up with a different strategy.

Uesugi Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Uesugi clan.
  • Do you wanna know?

Hojo Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Hojo clan.
  • If you typed the word Hojo in google and picked the first result, you will end up in final fantasy.

Elusive Strikeforce

  • Have all your army, excepting the general, hidden simultaneously for more than 30 seconds.
  • This may be buggy but I had earned first attempt, make sure all your units except the general has the ability to hide, I hid for 5 minutes in siege battle at fast speed and then win the siege.


  • Win 10 siege battles as the attacker.
  • Completely buggy, no success to unlock it, I will try with the fall of the samurai, it must be manual battles since auto battles never unlock it.

Legendary Force

  • Win a battle using an army composed entirely of hero units and your general.
  • You can have a minimum on one hero unit such as Naginata Warrior Monk Hero, Katana, Bow, Yari, Samurai hero's, you need to research the respective card in the Bushido tree. Attack a undefended town and win manually or auto battle mode.

Servant of God

  • Obtain a maximum level missionary.
  • Just like the Buddist monk except you can't recruit any high skilled priests so you have to grind the stars from the start. Play The Last Stand - Sabaton for inspiration or something.

Man the Defences

  • Win 10 siege battles as the defender.
  • Another glitchy cheevo for me but also needs aggressive AI to take you on. If you are lucky you will have one unit armies attacking you but don't count on it. Only manual combat as auto never worked for me.

Avatar Based Campaign

I haven't earned any of this so if you have information I will add it in with credit given.

Carve a Path

  • Capture 15 provinces on the avatar campaign map.

Loyal to the Clan

  • Personally earn 20 clan tokens.

Exceptional Warriors

  • Through the avatar system, get a veteran unit to level 4.

Heroic Warriors

  • Through the avatar system, get a veteran unit to level 9.

Multiplayer Campaign and Battles

Forged in the Hottest Flame

  • Win your first multiplayer battle.
  • Haven't earned due yet but it be easier to find someone to play with.

The Gathering Storm

  • Win a multiplayer battle using no cavalry units (excluding the general) in your army.
  • Not earned but defeat a friend or incompetent player without cavarly units.

Swift and Deadly

  • Win a multiplayer battle losing less than 15% of your starting troops.

Serve with Honour

  • Join a multiplayer clan in Shogun 2.

Fear No Horseman

  • Win a multiplayer battle using no spear units in your army.

Berserk Charge

  • Win a multiplayer battle using only melee units.


  • Your clan holds 5 provinces simultaneously on the multiplayer clan campaign map.

Experienced Taisho

  • Play 10 multiplayer battles of any type.

Swathed in Fire

  • Win a multiplayer battle where more than 50% of your army is made.

Spreading Like Wildfire

  • Defeat a Creative Assembly staff member in battle, or anyone else who has gained this achievement.

Japan Torn Asunder

  • Win a multiplayer versus campaign.

Dishonoured Foe

  • Win a multiplayer versus campaign despite giving the other player 10,000 koku.

United in Conquest

  • Win a multiplayer co-op campaign.

Claw of the Tiger

  • Win 25 matchmade battles in multiplayer.

There Can Be Only One

  • Achieve the ultimate accolade and obtain rank 1 on the multiplayer Shogun Ladder.


Zen-like Dedication

  • Win 200 multiplayer games of any type.

Battlefield Dominance

  • On maps with more than one key building, your alliance shows its dominance by holding all of them simultaneously.

The Dragon of Japan

  • Win 100 ranked battles.

Master of the Waves

  • Win 20 naval battles in multiplayer.

Bringer of Death

  • Win 50 matchmade battles in multiplayer.


Written by tonym91.