Total War: Shogun 2 – Complete Achievements Guide

All of the achievements you can get playing the Shogun 2 game including the Fall of The Samurai DLC.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Shogun 2 Campaign Game

Unnecessary Force

  • Completely wipe out an enemy unit.
  • Start any battle and completely wipe out any army. “No prisoners!”

Commander of Commoners

  • Keep at least 4 ashigaru units for a whole battle without routing once.
  • You can siege with an army of ashigaru archers and shoot the defending force to death.


  • Collect 10,000 heads of enemy soldiers
  • This is a cumulative award, keep defeating enemy armies manual or auto and it should eventually unlock, check the records for the units destroyed.

Holder of Shikoku

  • Control the Shikoku province.
  • Take the four provinces Iyo, Tosa, Sanuki and Awa south of Japan on the island of Shikoku.

Balanced Attacker

  • Win a battle using an army composed of at least one of every class of unit (sword infantry, cavalry, archer, matchlock, spear, naginata).
  • Make sure one of your armies has every unit available and win a battle, hero units not needed.

Holder of Kyushu

  • Control the Kyushu province.
  • Not a province but large island west of Japan. Take Satsuma, Osumi, Hyuga, Bungo, Higo, Hizen, Tsukushi and Buzen provinces.

Inspiring Counterattack

  • Successfully rally 5 units at once with one use of the general’s rally ability. Not earned but try a custom siege have a huge army of weak unis attacking a base and attack with 5/6 ashigaru until they rout. Make sure your general is near five units.

The Army on the March

  • Win 25 land battles.
  • A buggy cheevo, I earned it despite wining a manual siege after doing more then 40 battles of a combination of manual and auto battles.

A Promising Beginning

  • Complete a campaign on easy difficulty.
  • If you are new to the game, play this to learn the ropes otherwise Against All Odds.

Divine Right

  • Achieve the ultimate goal and become Shogun in the grand campaign.
  • Earn this while going for a difficulty campaign, it will take a year in game to be awarded the title and be prepared every clan will attack you soon after for Dividing the Realm.

Fearsome Commander of Men

  • Obtain a maximum level general in the campaign.
  • Make your general an admiral with Nanban Trade Ships and conquer the seas and earn the Living for Battle achievement.
    You can also use only one general and try and take on everyone, I found leading an army of only Bow Cavalry easier to do thanks to mobility both on the battle and campaign.

Agent of the Stealthy Blade

  • Obtain a maximum level ninja in the campaign.
  • Easier on lower difficulty levels but keep using one Ninja for all your espionage fun and start assassinations once he is competent to do so until you reach 6 star level. It can be easier and or quicker to have Ninja clan province. Like everything else it may unlock immediately or after a round of two.


  • Win a defensive siege battle with the lady of the house, the Onna-Bugeisha, as your general.
  • Somewhat hard with timing, you should have an army ready break out of a siege in one turn, have your Daimyo and all generals killed until it’s only the wife of the Daimyo is left. Win the defensive siege and bring down the patriarch with embarrassment. May not unlock immediately.

Eradicate the Ikko-Ikki

  • Wipe out the Ikko-Ikki.
  • Be the first to destroy this clan, the capital is Echizen, this is North East of Kyoto.

Eradicate the Hattori

  • Wipe out the Hattori clan in the campaign.
  • Like above, be the first to kill them before anyone can. Their capital is Iga South East of Kyoto.

Living for Battle

  • Obtain a unit of maximum rank in the grand campaign.
  • Easiest way is to have Nanban Trade Ships, be Christian and build the Nanban Quarter and have three/four blitz through the opposition.

Trade Route Monopoly

  • Control all the trade posts on the map at the same time.
  • See above, use the Nanban Trade Ships to control the trade posts while killing anyone who comes raiding you, you do not need to worry about piracy your trade lines.

A Respectable Rule

  • Complete a campaign on medium difficulty.
  • See Against All Odds.

Belligerent Admiral

  • Sink a European caravel or the flagship vessel the Nihon Maru during a naval battle.
  • If you can find the Shogun’s personal ship the Nihon Maru sink it with a huge fleet or use the powerful Nanban Trade Ships. If you can’t find it, look for the The Black Ship of the Portuguese faction, they appear a few times a year passing through North Sea of Japan.

Glittering Grand Cities

  • Be the first clan in the campaign to master the art of epic architecture.
  • Another glitchy cheevo,all I can say is research it quickly on the Way of Chi tree and wait a few rounds for it to take affect, it took me 5 different campaigns for it to unlock.

Shimazu Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Shimazu clan.
  • Self explanatory, do it on easy and keep it short.

Soaring Fame

  • Obtain 100 fame within 20 turns.
  • This requires fast conquering of multiple provinces and defeating armies but the Shogun, your fame must reach legendary level and wait a round for it to unlock.

Legendary Sohei

  • Obtain a maximum level monk.
  • Recruit a monk and keep converting provinces, agents until you reach level 6, like any other agent use the Holy Site provinces to recruit high level monks.

Military Might

  • Be the first clan in the campaign to master the art of Shih.
  • The final research card at the bottom of the Bushido research tree, this was not glitchy for me and will take some time to get to it. Prepare for a long wait.

Chosokabe Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Chosokabe clan.
  • Play as the Chosokabe.

Advanced Firearms

  • Be the first clan in the campaign to obtain gunpowder mastery.
  • Research the Gunpowder Mastery card in the Bushido research tree.

Date Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Date clan.
  • Go on a date with the shogun and win the heart of Japan (A joke? Maybe)

Master Interrogator

  • Obtain a maximum level metsuke.
  • This is agent is found in the market building, build the skill over time apprehending agents and or to make it easier build the highest building in a province with Philisophical Tradition (Scroll symbol) and recruit a higher experience agent.

Famed Shogun

  • Complete a campaign on hard difficulty.
  • See Against All Odds.

Oda Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Oda clan.
  • You ‘Oda’ be able to figure this out.

Tokugawa Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Tokugawa clan.
  • Come at me bro.

One Rule Under God

  • Win a campaign as a Christian daimyo.
  • Can be done with Against All Odds. Become a Christian and fight the heathens until you win. Deus Vult. Best to start as Shimazu, they are west of whole Japan and are near the Otom clan who are already Christian if you don’t have the DLC. Conquer your default enemy and make your way over to the province of Bungo and capture it. Wait for a few turns for a pop up about Christianity and open your clan management and click family tab. On the left side you should see Convert Religion icon. Press it, build a church in all of your provinces and recruit a missionary and after some unrest you will be fully converted and can continue to attack the heathens by declaring a imaginary Crusade. Deus Vult!

Takeda Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Takeda clan.
  • An relation to Takeshi Castle?

Requiem of the Dead

  • Win a defensive siege battle with your daimyo during any winter turn.
  • A matter of timing, you need an enemy to siege you and knock them out while you in the middle of winter, make sure your daimyo is in the city or is nearby ready to rush to its defence. I earned this by luck by being under siege for one turn where it had transitioned from autumn to winter.

Against All Odds

  • Complete a campaign on legendary difficulty.
  • Earning this will complete all other difficulty based cheevos. Play a short campaign with a clan such as Shimazu convert to Christianity quickly or Otomo (DLC) who are already Christian and build huge armies with guns, every clan is going to hate you regardless and avoid any two front wars. if you see large hordes run away and converge your forces to fight or risk losing everyone. Try this without going bankrupt!

Mori Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Mori clan.
  • Spoiler, you do not play as the All Blacks rugby team.

Stubborn Pursuer of Victory

  • Complete a campaign on very hard difficulty.
  • You can see Against All Odds or come up with a different strategy.

Uesugi Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Uesugi clan.
  • Do you wanna know?

Hojo Victory

  • Win a campaign as the Hojo clan.
  • If you typed the word Hojo in google and picked the first result, you will end up in final fantasy.

Elusive Strikeforce

  • Have all your army, excepting the general, hidden simultaneously for more than 30 seconds.
  • This may be buggy but I had earned first attempt, make sure all your units except the general has the ability to hide, I hid for 5 minutes in siege battle at fast speed and then win the siege.


  • Win 10 siege battles as the attacker.
  • Completely buggy, no success to unlock it, I will try with the fall of the samurai, it must be manual battles since auto battles never unlock it.

Legendary Force

  • Win a battle using an army composed entirely of hero units and your general.
  • You can have a minimum on one hero unit such as Naginata Warrior Monk Hero, Katana, Bow, Yari, Samurai hero’s, you need to research the respective card in the Bushido tree. Attack a undefended town and win manually or auto battle mode.

Servant of God

  • Obtain a maximum level missionary.
  • Just like the Buddist monk except you can’t recruit any high skilled priests so you have to grind the stars from the start. Play The Last Stand – Sabaton for inspiration or something.

Man the Defences

  • Win 10 siege battles as the defender.
  • Another glitchy cheevo for me but also needs aggressive AI to take you on. If you are lucky you will have one unit armies attacking you but don’t count on it. Only manual combat as auto never worked for me.


  • As the defender, recapture a tower.
  • During a campaign or custom siege, let the enemy capture one of your towers and then recapture it.

Towering Inferno

  • As the attacker, burn a castle’s gates, towers and tenshu to the ground using fire arrows and win the battle.
  • A movie reference with Paul Newman and Steve McQueen? I recommend the movie, its a great classic.
  • Open a custom battle, have custom funds and pick a huge army of archers with flaming arrows ability and only the enemy general, pick a small map like Shinjo. Split the army in two and place one half on each side of the gates, turn of auto fire and march up to the walls and press flaming arrows ability to fire on the towers first to stop attacking you, the gates and the tenshu in the centre of the fort. When everything is a smothering ruin, kill the general and you earn the cheevo when the you won banner appears.

Fall of the Samurai Battles

A Journey Begins

  • Play a historical battle. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Go to main menu, press historical battles, pick Fall of Samurai and pick any of the historical battles, enjoy the video and cutscene and win the battle or concede defeat can also earn you the cheevo.

Journey’s End

  • Complete all historical battles. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Go to main menu, press historical battles, pick Fall of Samurai and win all the historical battles.

Not On My Watch

  • Chase down and rout an enemy unit as it tries to escape the Battle of Toba-Fushimi. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • First historical battle, no time limit. Hide your smaller army in the forest and move your cannon further back do not fire on the small enemy force crossing the river and let them keep marching until a cutscene is triggered. If they are attacked they may wheel off and head over to the main fight. Kill them with any unit, prepare your battle lines after to avoid being outflanked and fire away.

Uphill Struggle

  • Win the Battle of Osaka after both bridges get blown up by the defenders. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Second historical battle. You can also earn Battlefield Dominance cheevo here. You have 80 minutes to win the battle. The first and second bridge leading to the fortress will blow up when you take your time, have a unit near the bridges while out of enemy range. This will force you to head to the final bridge on the other side of the map. Play on easy and make full use of your cannon to break up enemy forces while you slowly advance, do not lose it no matter what. Keep your missile troops close to rain down bullets on the advancing first army. Have your melee troops hiding in the forest to move forward. Take the first control point giving you better passive melee abilities. Advance to the second bridge and keep your army close together. Take the final control point for better passive missile troops and ammo replacement. Place your cannon here and fire on every unit out in the open of the fortress until the end of the battle, keep returning to the cannon and change to another target. Move your troops to the river next to the second control point and prepare for a cavalry ambush from the forest. Send in the police to uncover the cavalry and give them a chance to be saved by the missile troops. Hardest part is to cross the final third bridge and climb the walls. Have your melee troops climb while the missiles provide covering fire and suppression. I was lucking as for some reason all of the enemy moved down the ramp to the gate and stayed there, my samurai simply slaughtered them there. Move up to the wall near the final victory point or wipe out the final enemy and perform the same tactics as mentioned earlier.

A Blow to the Temple

  • Win the Battle of Ueno without capturing any of the key temple buildings. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • The third historical battle, 100 minutes. Uou must win the battle without occupying the Sword Dojo, Workshop, Archery Dojo, I had left them in enemy hands and did not dare try leaving them in neutral mode, for fear of starting all over again. You will have to husband your rounds carefully for their will be no replenishment and avoid wasting bullets on routed units. I worked from the left side of the map round towards the right side by unhinging each defensive area. Use your artillery to breakup the front of the the walls in front of your army, have your army rush to the walls to fire on any enemies until they rout. Tall walls cannot be fired over so that will be your cover. Wheel your troops round the flanks and fire in the rear of the enemy while if possible have another unit rush to the front of the enemy a minute later, the overlapping fire will force them to move in circles and kill them quicker. Move your cannon units up to destroy the enemy Picard cannon. Keep an eye out for melee troops and kill them before they get close. Reinforcements will arrive and the enemy may move out in the forest to intercept them, rush the forest or have a weakened unit to unveil them. Keep going until you make a full circle. You can start on the right also and kill some units until they link up with the rest of the force. In summary, keep outflanking, preserve ammo, and move quickly between walls.

Wrecking Ball

  • Win the Battle of Aizu after provoking all four hidden armies at once. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Fourth historical battle, unlimited time. A major pain to deal with, see the map for the locations of the hidden armies, they appear to stay in the same places every time I play this battle. First thing first is to move you cannons over to the left and unlimber quickly to destroy the enemy cannons raining fire down on you. Use one of your cavalry to walk through the forest hidden and to run when you uncover the enemies who might spot you. Once you find all four, you can begin to attack each section, take your time and use riflemen to sneak up on enemy cannons to snipe them while hidden or use your cannon. Make the cannons your main priority to avoid needless loses. Try heading to the castle and take over the base avoid uncovering the hidden armies again unless your men are in position to fire en mass, when done, it will reveal all hidden enemies and make it easier for you to kill them, otherwise you will have to march into the forests and lose men.

The Iron Lady

  • Complete the Battle of Miyako Bay with the Kotetsu having taken less than 25% damage. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • The fifth historical battle, Probably a PM Margaret Thatcher reference. Unlimited time.
  • This is really easy to get, make sure your ships are in front of the iron clad, use your gun boats to capture the two defences next to you, they will be somewhat helpful. Do not bother with the rest for it will take to long and your ships will be destroyed. Make sure your ships are always presenting a broadside to fire on anyone in range. Take out the biggest ships as soon as they are in range. Defeat 3 waves and the Kotetsu shouldn’t even have a single scratch on it.

Perfect Ten

  • Complete the Battle of Hakodate without any Imperial units being routed. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Sixth and final battle, unlimited time. Your general and three units should spread out and kneel to fire on everyone approaching, keep rallying your troops and Inspire them. Save your ammo on enemies not routing. When you run out, bayonet charge the enemy to force them to run. Do not hide or have your general run for he will not make it. Your main army must rush to the undefended bridge west of them, their is no one defending it and no one hiding in the forests. Move your Gatling gun and further back cannon to the river bank near the forest as fast as they can and set up to fire inside the castle. Rush the walls on the furthest west side to enable all your troops to climb simultaneously and fire on the defenders coming to you. Move them around both sides of the base to fire on the units until they run. Have your cavalry dismount and climb the walls and have them to take the gates to prevent reinforcements coming in. Have all but one unit man the walls to fire on approaching forces or stand near the flag firing. The last unit should capture the centre, it does not go faster with more then one unit, it will still take 60 seconds..
  • You must do all this without any units routing, I earn this on first attempt and had units down to 90 men left.

A Warrior’s Bane

  • Sink an HMS Warrior-class ship. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Create a custom battle and have unlimited money, have 6 French L’ocean class and the AI with only the Warrior class ship. Let the enemy close near you and have all of your ships fire armour piercing rounds until it blows up. The achievement immediately unlocks. Do not end the battle and the ship must be destroyed not surrender.


  • Sink an enemy ship with torpedoes. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Do this on custom battle, load up your fleet with torpedo only ships and your opponent with a gun boat; turn off auto fire and get close to your enemy, fire in a line starting from left to right in quick succession in order to prevent the enemy dodging the torpedoes. The ship must be destroyed for the cheevo to unlock at the conclusion of the battle.

Damn the Torpedoes

  • Sink an enemy ship by ramming. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Can be done in campaign or more easier in custom battle, have all your ships of the Kotetsu or French L’ocean and charge at at a weak enemy ship using the overheat engine and turn off auto fire, when your near the target press ramming and make sure the ship is aimed at the unit. Two hits should sink the enemy like a gunboat. It will unlock as soon as the end of battle notification happens. Make sure to sink the unit instead of causing it to surrender.

Battlefield Dominance

  • On maps with more than one key building, your alliance shows its dominance by holding all of them simultaneously.
  • Can be done in any historical battle with key buildings such as Osaka, see Uphill Struggle.

Fall of the Samurai Campaign

Ezo Republic

  • Declare your independence and complete a campaign. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • This takes place when you are given the choice of fighting for the Emperor/Shogun or yourself, take the second option and be prepared to fight everyone and deal with the annoying short bombardments that will be the bane of your existence in the game. Try to have the most modern riflemen and cannons ready to shoot at anything that moves. Do not recruit any Shogun/Imperial Infantry for they will desert your armies, try recruit your factions best units instead.

Father of the Imperial Navy

  • Playing as the Tosa, carry out 5 naval bombardments in the same campaign. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Start the Tosa campaign and build up your navy, have enough ships that can bombard the enemy coast and discourage any attacks, wait one turn and it should unlock. Can be done early with the weakest ships.

Gateway to the West

  • Playing as the Satsuma, construct a trade district and trade with a foreign power within the same campaign. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • You can do this with only the British as the French and USA do not deal with the imperial faction, build as soon as you can the trade port, research Foreign Affairs in level 2 development and wait for event to unlock inviting a foreign power. I do not know if any other research is needed but you may get the event the next turn or 12 turns. Once you finally get the event build the trading district, this will take 10 turns therefore keep enemy armies and fleets away.

Hard Pounding

  • Call in naval fire support during a land battle. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Any clan is fine, have your naval fleet near a province or army within range,fire on them if you want to soften them up and use an army to attack, before you commit to a manual battle look at the bottom of your commanders portrait you will see a naval gun given you the option of naval support. Start the battle and wait for the cooldown to finish and fire on the enemy, you can use all of the support or once. When you win the battle the cheevo will unlock as soon as the victory icon appears. Does not work on auto battle.

Hero of the Empire

  • Win a campaign on legendary difficulty playing as either the Satsuma, the Tosa or the Choshu. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Hard but at least you will have allies to fight with, build up your income with the highest income with cheap soldiers to guard the towns and modern armies and attack, use your agents to create revolts to weaken the enemy, distract them to stop moving and kill their top generals to make it easier. Be sure to not to let your general’s loyalties fall too low when creating new generals or you will have problems on your hands when they defect. Nothing much more I can say but you must be good at not going bankrupt.

Hero of the Shogunate

  • Win a campaign on legendary difficulty playing as either the Aizu, the Jozai or the Nagaoka. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • See above for the same information, nothing much different other then don’t attack your own side.

Hereditary Honour

  • Playing as the Jozai, win 3 ambush battles in the same campaign. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • A tricky cheevo if you are not good at ambushes or the AI is being stupid, try and lure them to your ambush by having a single unit standing right next to your main army hiding in the forrest to encourage them to come to you. You will get the message you have ambushed your foe and ask whether you wish to commit to battle, you must do this three times with any army and it can be done with auto battle option, it may take more then one turn for it to unlock.

Keeping to Traditions

  • Defeat a Fall of the Samurai army with a Shogun 2 army.
  • I am unsure of this cheevo, still working it out, it has not unlocked for me in the campaign.

L’Ocean is Mine!

  • Carry out a bombardment with a French ironclad in your navy. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Be one of the Shogunate clan supporters, research Foreign Affairs and and pick the French event when it appears. Build the ship and bombard anyone you see, you do not not need to hit anything and it will unlock after a turn passes.


  • Defeat a Shogun 2 army with a Fall of the Samurai army. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • The same as Keep to Traditions, I am trying to figure this out.

One Hundred Sacks of Rice

  • Playing as the Nagaoka, research any eighth tier technology. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • You need to be Nagoaka clan, have level 4 development and research any of the tech cards at the bottom of the tree like Charter Oath, Kokuati, etc.

Perfect Ten

  • Complete the Battle of Hakodate without any Imperial units being routed. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Work in progress. Assume you use rally command.

Rule, Britannia!

  • Win a battle with British ships in your navy. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Like the L’Ocean is Mine! cheevo, but pick the British Trade mission. You can only earn this in the Imperial Faction, build the warship and win against any battle, can be done manually or auto and wait a turn.

Semper Fi

  • Win a battle with United States Marines in your army. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Anyway again see L’Ocean is Mine! Pick the American event and build the marines and win a battle, again this can be done manually or auto battle. It will unlock after a turn has passed. To make it more fun have only marines and play Devil Dogs – Sabaton for metal fuelled action.

Skilled Warrior

  • Max out any [Fall of the Samurai] avatar skill tree, by spending a skill point in each skill within a single skill tree.
  • I cannot figure this out, does anyone know this one?

The Duellist

  • Fight a drop-in battle.
  • I have not earned this one but I assume you need to find a player fighting a battle with drop in enabled. Try and find a friend to do it with.

Thy Will Be Done

  • Obtain a maximum level agent of each type. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Another Sabaton song reference? Play The Last Stand and Fields of Verdun. To earn this you need to have 6 star agents of Geisha, Shinsengumi or Ishin Shishi (depending on Faction), Foreign Veteran and Shinobi. It appears you do not need ninja to earn this as I did not have one.

Wolves of Mibu

  • Playing as the Aizu, carry out 3 successful assassinations of generals in the same campaign using a shinsengumi. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Pick the Aizu clan and build up the agent’s skills, pick traits for assassination at level two or three start killing enemy, neutral or allied generals, like everything else it will unlock after a turn passes.

Embrace the New

  • Attain the maximum level of clan development. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Keep modernising your provinces until you reach level four and wait a turn for it to unlock. Well done you have destroyed the way of life for all Japanese people hopefully they will not seek retribution in the 20th Century.

Agent Provocateur

  • Playing as the Choshu, incite 3 rebellions in the same campaign using an ishin shishi. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Build the skill level of your agent ishin shishi and start some uprisings, this should come naturally when you are trying to get pass ‘neutral’ clans or get free provinces.
  • PS: No you cannot rename your agents Castro and Guevara… I have tried.

All Aboard!

  • Construct a railway between 2 provinces. [Fall of the Samurai only]
  • Very simple but long and expensive, have a lot of money and the resource coal. Research the tech and build the railway as soon as possible in two provinces.

Avatar Based Campaign

Carve a Path

  • Capture 15 provinces on the avatar campaign map.

Loyal to the Clan

  • Personally earn 20 clan tokens.

Exceptional Warriors

  • Through the avatar system, get a veteran unit to level 4.

Heroic Warriors

  • Through the avatar system, get a veteran unit to level 9.

Double Dragons

  • Create a second avatar for use in avatar conquest mode.


  • Gift your co-op partner an army or navy.

Uniter of Japan

  • Capture all provinces on the avatar campaign map.
  • You require all of the naval provinces for the cheevo to unlock, give it a try folks.

The Gathering Storm

  • Win a multiplayer battle using no cavalry units (excluding the general) in your army.
  • In avatar mode combine this with other achievements to per battle as the first two battles are with AI enemies. With the first battle do not have any cavalry, spear units and only have matchlock infantry. You will earn these cheevos Forged in the Hottest Flame, Swift and Deadly, Fear No Horseman, Swathed in Fire. Watch all these achievements unlock at the end of the battle.

Swift and Deadly

  • Win a multiplayer battle losing less than 15% of your starting troops.
  • See Gathering Storm, all you have to do it lose a minimum number of men and it will unlock at the end of the battle.

Forged in the Hottest Flame

  • Win your first multiplayer battle.
  • See Gathering Storm, you will earn this after your first victory in Avatar Campaign.

Fear No Horseman

  • Win a multiplayer battle using no spear units in your army.
  • See Gathering Storm, make sure their are no spear units. Easy as pie. Can be done on avatar or multiplayer battles.

Berserk Charge

  • Win a multiplayer battle using only melee units
  • You can only have meele troops, in the second avatar AI battle of Fill up your army with samurais and spears and CHARGE with the Shiroyama song in the background!

Multiplayer Campaign and Battles

Some of these achievements can be earned via the tutorial section of the avatar campaign. Other than you will have to player with difficult players and a slow system.

Serve with Honour

  • Join a multiplayer clan in Shogun 2.
  • You can join any clan you can find, I joined the Payday Clan and also earned Stranglehold too.


  • Your clan holds 5 provinces simultaneously on the multiplayer clan campaign map.
  • Can be unlocked with Serve with Honour.

Experienced Taisho

  • Play 10 multiplayer battles of any type.

Swathed in Fire

  • Win a multiplayer battle where more than 50% of your army is made up of matchlock units.
  • See Gathering Storm, they must be matchlock units and not line infantry. Again this can be done in normal multiplayer.

Spreading Like Wildfire

  • Defeat a Creative Assembly staff member in battle, or anyone else who has gained this achievement.

Japan Torn Asunder

  • Win a multiplayer versus campaign.

Dishonoured Foe

  • Win a multiplayer versus campaign despite giving the other player 10,000 koku.

United in Conquest

  • Win a multiplayer co-op campaign.

Claw of the Tiger

  • Win 25 matchmade battles in multiplayer.

There Can Be Only One

  • Achieve the ultimate accolade and obtain rank 1 on the multiplayer Shogun Ladder.


Zen-like Dedication

  • Win 200 multiplayer games of any type.

The Dragon of Japan

  • Win 100 ranked battles.

Master of the Waves

  • Win 20 naval battles in multiplayer.

Bringer of Death

  • Win 50 matchmade battles in multiplayer.
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  1. keeping up with tradition isnt campaign, its multiplayer, u must get an army consisting of S2 units and defeat another player whose army consists of FOS units. I have not tried to custom battle do it with AI.

    Skilled Warrior if im not mistaken is also multiplayer avatar map achievement, you need to max out your avatar there. (gain xp after each battle etc).

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