We. The Revolution – Complete Achievement Guide

A complete list of all achievements and how to get them.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Story Achievements

Freedom / Equality / Brotherhood

  • Just complete all 3 acts.


  • Make your seal. It has no other importance so have fun making it look like whatever you want.

Cumulative Achievements

There will be spoilers throughout this entire guide.

Kojak / Sherlock / Colombo

  • On your playthrough just make sure not to miss a single question that you can ask. You don’t have to ask the question, simply to unlock the potential to ask it. Restarting a trial after you’ve messed up once and then getting all questions still counts.


  • I got this achievement after completing my second playthrough. Whereas I originally thought it meant you had to complete the game 10 times, it appears that you need to win 10 battles in Act 3. If winning 10 battles in Act 3 doesn’t net you the achievement, it’s possible that I got it by simply replaying the dice game at the end so many times that each one counted as a completion. Either way, if you’re looking to 100% the game simply make sure to win 10 battles before Napoleon rides in. If that doesn’t net it, simply continue the game from the final save and repeat that multiple times until it pops.

Rebellious Nature / Anarchy in Paris

  • For this one you need to disobey the jury 10/20 times. I attempted to first complete this in survival mode cumulatively, however after disobeying them 10 times (across multiple runs) the first of these two didn’t trigger. On my second runthrough I simply made sure to balance disagreeing (and agreeing rarely to prevent runthrough end) as much as I could. Remember to complete your 20 before the end of Act 2 as Act 3 will be too late (I don’t remember a single jury trial).

Prank / Man Bites Man

  • You should be able to get this one easily. There are constant enemy agents once that aspect of the game starts. Just keep on killing. Enemy agents killed by AI patrols don’t count towards your total.

Elementary / Nothing Will Remain Hidden

  • Make sure to fill in the report completely accurately each time. Like the unlocking of the questions, quitting out and restarting a trial to be sure to fill in the report accurately will still unlock the achievement.

Bloody God

  • Behead 20 people. Pretty Easy.

The Fortress of Paris

  • Make a battle last 10 turns. This can be done when you’re winning a battle well enough that you can just prolong it by going with defense to do minimal damage.

No Turning Back / All Debts Are Paid

  • Perfectly Play Out All Intrigues. For the Robespierre intrigue be sure acquit the ally that you take to trial for the intrigue instead of executing.

Specific Achievements

Good Eating Deserves Good Drinking

  • Go to the gambling den and be sure to save 2 political power so that you can buy drinks while you gamble. It took me 5 times going to the gambling den (including the tutorial dice game where you can buy drinks) for the achievement to pop.

Body of Steel

  • Complete the game without a game over. If you play through and the crowd or you lose the home section in Act 3 and get a game over, simply continuing from the day you lost will not net you the achievement. So be careful. If you fear an action you’re going to take is going to have the crowd kill you and you’re trying to cheese the achievement, simply make sure to quit out before the action will have its effects. Same with a battle you’re about to lose in the home section in Act 3, simply restart before the game over occurs.

Crowned Head

  • When you try the former King Louis aka Citizen Capet, send him to prison.

Blood on your Hands

  • When the Commander of the Guard comes to you asking for permission to fire on the crowds, give him permission. Then when he’s put on trial for shooting civilians acquit him.

Golden Idol

  • Reach Maximum Reputation, this is very easy if you constantly do well on your speeches before the guillotine and fill out your reports correctly.

The Last March

  • This achievement popped for me after I won a battle with only one soldier remaining. Regardless, I wasn’t trying for this achievement and got it without difficulty on my first playthrough.

Educational Procedures

  • Acquit your son in the prologue.

A Quick Sting

  • Just pass a verdict without unlocking a single question or asking anything either. You’ll be forced to fill out the report but I still had the achievement pop.


  • In a negotiation or speech to the crowd choose all perfect arguments.


  • Even with strong play in Act 3 this one will cut close. I managed to hold off the enemy army from taking any province for 3-4 days. Essentially you’ll want to keep as many provinces under your control as you long as you can. Once a province no longer has that many / any civilians you don’t need to waste your best troops to protect it any further. When the enemy army attacks it will first go for the southernmost province and then later on will move in from the top right as well. Make sure that you’re moving your logistics expert to provinces you want to increase civilians running away from, but I don’t recommend putting it in a tile that is about to be attacked or in one that is being attacked as he will take up precious tile space and will likely die when the army loses to the enemy.

The Last Shall Be The First

  • For this one you need to defend a province using only Levies. You’ll want 12 levies and a physician to help heal them. Things will also go better if RNG grants you a defensive enemy, and set up barricades (I’m not entirely sure how this mechanic is applied all the time. Also clicking on the enemy army then, unclicking then clicking again will change the enemy army’s effectiveness. I’ve not found that this effectiveness number actually makes any difference at all, but doesn’t hurt to look for a low number anyways. Sometimes after the enemy has taken the first southernmost province they send out medium size armies to the province to the left of the southernmost. This is where I got the achievement.

Revolutionary Army

  • Simply attach 4 different units to a battle.

A Shield For the Weakest

  • Lose a battle after all the civilians that can escape during that battle have already escaped.

Force of Habit

  • Win a battle with only one tactic the whole time. For this one I’d recommend going with Frontline Assault as after you’ve taken down the enemy army the only thing they’ll have left is their frontline and you don’t want to be stuck using Defense at that point in case they start to come back.

Family is the Most Important

  • This one is most easily completed in Act 1 when your young child is still alive as so long as he is happy he makes the other members of your family happy so long as they don’t drop into the negatives. Just maintain that for 10 days.

A Bargain At Twice the Price

  • You’ll get this one easily. You can’t save influence points from day to day so just spend as many as you can.

Family Bonds

  • Win both rounds of your first dice game against Bruno. This one can feel like a pain with the RNG Bruno gets sometimes. You’ll get it eventually.

Marriage Counseling

  • Acquit your wife for her attempted murder of you.

Irritating Achievements

These are the riot achievements. I myself have not completed these because they are a pain beyond any other. Over the course of 2 runthroughs I only quelled 5 riots total. They simply don’t pop up a lot at all.

I attempted to cheese the achievement by constantly going back to a day in which I would move my bruiser to a riot, hit quell and then play through the days until I got through the day after the riot was quelled. Then I would restart. I did this 10 times in a row and no achievement popped. This means you must play the game through as many times as it takes to get 20 riots quelled and by my estimation that could take anywhere from 7-10 times as the AI units that raise fervor don’t raise it enough to stop. The Devs either have a bug with this achievement, didn’t make the AI raise fervor enough for enough riots, or set the limit so high that you need to play the game well past its enjoyment just to 100% it.

But just to list it off you have 2 more achievements. 1 for 10 riots quelled, another for 20. In a separate thread I read that your bruiser has to be the one to do it for it to count.

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