Craft The World – Heroes DLC Guide

Guide about heroes from new Heroes DLC.

All Abour Heroes DLC

Heroes Basics

  • Heroes act different from monks. They don’t count to your dwarf limit, but add to it. For Example, if you have 14 dwarfs, when you get new hero, you get 15 dwarfs in total. If any of basic dwarfs die, it will respawn like always. So in total, right now, you can get 29 at once. That mean you now need 29 beds in your base and your food consumption will get at least half bigger.
  • To obtain a hero, you need to buy his statue head from the shop. The moment you buy it, formula to build full statue will drop next to the shop, same way like portal or lighthouse parts. Then you need to build and place his statue in base.
  • Heroes show up in shop first time, when you reach level 6, and every time you level up after that, new one will show in shop, until level 14. They appear in random order, so you don’t know who you will get first.
  • Every hero will be twice the price of previous one. So first on cost 10, next one 20, next 40, up until 2560 gold coins for the last one. So don’t buy them at random, as after first few it will take a while to get next one.
  • Don’t let them die. If your hero die, he is gone. Don’t mater if you have Soul Keeper. His statue will show as broken, only with option to remove it. You will have to formula to make new statue in craft menu, but you will be missing a statue head, and you can’t buy it once again from the shop. So if he is dead, he is gone.
  • Every hero have 2 basic skills up to level 100. They can’t use equipment, so you can’t improve it that way, but they still get bonus from Statue of Rorry Stoneskin or Gunnar Ironfist if they have corresponding skill. They can also improve skill if you rise skill point limit with A Practical Handbook For Developing Dwarf Skills. Beside those, every hero have some kind of special mechanic, like some accessories or spells effects.



  • Ranged Type.
  • Archer, Swimmer.
  • She is a decent ranged fighter, her bow shoots 5 arrows at once. Her special skill is small scale self casting forest spell, that make trees grow where she walks, if there is earth over there. That also mean underground or above level where trees don’t grow naturally. Can be of use in Desert Level, didn’t test it yet.


  • Mage Type.
  • Mage, Carpenter.
  • My Personal Number 1. Decent fighter, he uses same, multi enemy hitting attack as mithril staff. As a level 100 carpenter he takes over most of the items’ creation in workshop. But where he really shines, is his special skills. He cast on his own Portal and Collection spells. You mark enemy that dwarf would need to run half of island to get? He makes a portal near him. Are you digging somewhere in the underground? Portal shows up next to you, and if there are many items to get, he will probably cast Collection as well. Sometimes he cast Portal without any reason, making it hard for you to move by portals on your own, but that’s not much of problem for me.


  • Mage Type.
  • Mage, Cook.
  • Lame name, cool guy. He uses fireballs instead of lightning attack, and takes over cooking of food. But he is actually a monster in combat. His special skill is what I call Carpet Bombing, that just a lot of Fireballs from the sky at once. Perfect at invasion or pirate ship. And he cast it quite often. But skill seems to be a bit bugged, sometimes it blasts enemies in the sky or in case of Pirate Capitan, it once blasted him of the ship. Quick kill, but all the loot from him gone.


  • Melee Type.
  • Warrior, Hunter.
  • Big Bad Wolf. Nothing special, your usual close combat tank. His special skill is controlled Lycantropy. Controlled by him, not by you. He changes at will and change back when he is out of combat, but you can’t control him when in Werewolf form.


  • Melee Type.
  • Warrior, Blacksmith.
  • Born Leader. She is a heavy warrior type, with both good armour and shield. Her special skill is defence boost to everybody near her.

Sun Wukong

  • Melee Type.
  • Warrior, Climber.
  • Monkey King. Fast and nimble, nothing beside that. I am not exactly sure, what his special skill is, I think it’s his speed, as he is the fastest runner out of everybody, and he has fast climbing animations that don’t slow him down at all.

Magni Hookcatcher

  • Melee Type.
  • Warrior, Miner.
  • Probably made for direct control for player, as I think his special skill is his attack, so it is the only one player can use when controlling hero, but I am not sure how it exactly works. His axe have ice-like effect, and when fighting, you can sometimes see chunks of ice flying of when he hits enemies, but does that slow them down or inflict extra damage? I don’t know.

Barry Tinkerton

  • Melee Type.
  • Miner, Climber.
  • The only Non Combat hero. But his Drill is at same level as Mithril Pickaxe, so you can use him to dig right to lava at the very beginning… If nothing kills him. Besides that, he is casting mining buff on himself and any dwarfs digging near him, and has Wyveryn ring effect on him, so when you don’t control him, he actually flies around.

Anu Ran

  • Mage Type.
  • Mage, Swimmer.
  • The Frog Sage. Decent ranged mage with his Mithril Staff level magic, he also summons 4 frogs…. that are useless. But beside that, he is actually capable of healing dwarfs near him. But he often drops whatever he is doing to summon his frogs, and since they die almost right away he is kind of bother.
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