Titanfall 2 – Advanced Movement Guide

This guide explains Titanfall 2 alternative and advanced movement techniques.

Guide to Advanced Movement


This guide is all about alternative and advanced movement techniques in Titanfall 2.

There are a lot of niece techniques in this game, the ones shown here are those that I have implemented in my playing.

Air strafing

  • Tap Strafing.
  • Fzzy Strafing.
  • Spam Strafing.
  • Forward only strafes.
  • Strafe Combos.

No Lurch Tech

  • No Lurch Double Jump.
  • Strafe Kick.
  • Cancel Strafe Kick.
  • No Lurch Disembark.

Useful techniques

  • Edge Boost.
  • Forced End Boost.


Combining the movement keys on your keyboard with mouse movement when in the air. Since Titanfall 2 is on a modified version of the source engine, a variety of different strafes is possible. The most common one being the standard left and right air strafe where you apply mouse movement to the left when pressing the left strafe key and vice versa.

However in Titanfall, strafe based acceleration is not an effective way of building or maintaining speed on its own and air strafing should primarily be used for the purpose of having air control. Wallrunning and Wallkicking are the main techniques used for building up and maintaining speed.

Tap Strafing

Tap Strafing is an addition to the standard air strafe in which you tap or trigger your forward strafe key in order to perform a sharp turn mid air, without losing velocity. For minor corrections a single tap might be enough but when trying to turn 90° 4-5 inputs may be required within the fraction of a second.

Fzzy Strafing

Same Idea as tap Strafing with the exception that you trigger on of the sideways strafe keys instead of the forward key to force multiple strafe lurches to occur.

Spam Strafing

A mixture of Fzzy Strafing and Tap Strafing in which you just spam Forward and a Sideway Strafe direction at the same time.

Forward only strafes

The only input from your keyboard is the forward key. This allows you to circle around a center object without having to give up the crosshair placement on said object. Giving it the perfect balance between air control and aim control.

Other Strafing Techniques

There are a lot of ways to strafe. Depending on the situation knowing some of them can be quite helpful. Most of them are some sort of combination or variation of sideways and forward strafes.

No Lurch Tech

Lurch is a strafe-pull that happens if you strafe during, or shortly after a jump. It causes you to lose speed but also makes Tap Strafing, Fzzy Strafing and Spam Strafing possible. Unless you cancel strafe (no lurch) you will experience strafe-pull.

No Lurch Double Jumps

Pressing the opposite strafe direction at the same time as your jump key. This allows you to continue strafing in either direction.

Strafe Kick

Holding forward when going into a wall and then either holding the strafe key towards the wall or away from the wall.

Cancel Strafe Kick

Hitting the Wall at a 180 degree angle while holding forward and backward as well as a strafe direction: right when hitting a wall on your right, left when hitting a wall on your left.

No Lurch Disembark

Pressing forward and both strafe directions at the same time and holding it until fully disembarked.

Useful Techniques

Edge Boosting

When hitting an edge at a certain speed and angle you gain a major velocity boost.

Forced End Boost

If you pull away from a wall and then jump within a specific time window you can force an end boost, which gives you more speed than jumping from the wall normally.

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