Travellers Rest – Starting Guide

A basic introduction to starting off your tavern, starring Umbra the Orc!

Getting Your Start in Travellers Rest

So you want to run a tavern do you? Meet Umbra. Umbra is an Orc, that used to be an adventurer like you but then he took an arrow to the knee and became a tavern keeper. Now Umbra will explain how to properly run a tavern First, tell Umbra what you look like! You can show him using the customization screen:

Next, we look at starting your tavern. You call yourself a tavern keep? This place is in shambles! Umbra will show you how to set the tables! Press B, to start BUILD MODE. Right click to pick up the table, left click to put it down. If you forget, you have tooltips to the right and left of your cursor.

There we go! Now see the book on the left side of the bar? Get close and click it! Right click the items to move them from inventory to the bar. Hold on to yer keg. That one we put to one of the taps. Just click one and place the keg. We are done. We press O to OPEN.”

We see first guests coming in now.

We now serve drink and food. Click on the customer to serve them, and watch them enjoy your tavern. Tooltips are always there if you forget. We do quests now. Panel on the left. Don’t keep the patrons waiting!

Years of experience taught Umbra how to spot things that are out of place. In these difficult times he can use his super vision by pressing Z to spot stains that he can fight we the use of his trusty mop. Nasty humans, blegh! So dirty!

Serve your customers well, and they’ll give you more reputation and money. This will allow you to unlock the crafting room in the back of the tavern. When we run out of stuff. We go to the back of the tavern where we cook and brew.

When we run out of ingredients, we send letters to merchants.

One day we grow our own. Umbra too young to grow crops like old man for now but like to dig.

Sometimes they get drunk and angry, so they get face slapped with a mop! Can’t have those unruly patrons ruining your reputation!

Our reputation grows. We get new things. We unlock new skills, recipes and items. We can live such life and rest well. Our tavern will soon be so great that patrons will want to spend the night! Perhaps we build them rooms? Wait and see!

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