Hunting Simulator 2 – Points of Interest

A Guide to The Points of Interest in Hunting Simulator 2.

Points of Interest

Having trouble finding each tent, tower, stand or blinds? Look no further!

Note: You can click on each image to view a larger version!


Roosevelt Forest

The Roosevelt National forest is one of the oldest National Forests in the United States. Stretching across north central Colorado, it borders the north and east sides of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Pawnee Meadows

Pawnee National Grassland is a United States National Grassland located in northeastern Colorado, on the Colorado Eastern Plains. It is home to hundreds of birds and other wildlife.


Chihuahuan Desert

The biggest desert in North America, the arid plains of Chihuahua are home to one of the most diverse habitats on the planet. The Flora & Fauna in this region make it exceptional for hunting.

Bandera Region

Bandera County is a county located on the Edwards Plateau in the U.S. state of Texas. The county is officially recognised as the “Cowboy Capital of the World” by the Texas Legislature.


Czechia Marshlands

Hunting has a long and rich tradition in the lands that are now part of the Czech Republic. At least as far back as the 11th century, nobles rode out in groups to hunt Deer and Wild Boar.

Harghita County

Harghita County is surrounded by the Eastern Carpathians in Transylvania. With a long snow period and a landscape formed by hilltops and closed depressions, the county is characterized by abundant wildlife and a strongly seasonal climate.

Written by Howl


  1. i dont understand where the level are saved. the folders doesnt exist.
    can someone help me?

    because i use 2 computers and i dont wanna edit some levels on the one and some on the other, as one of them is my laptop

    • Hey! The level’s are saved in:

      C:\Users\Your_User\AppData\LocalLow\Lince Works\Aragami\LevelEditor\CustomLevels

  2. very good, ive spent hours on it already, but it would be nice if everything was dragable, like how you can drag the walls and it will all build

  3. It makes me kinda sad that the ‘Eliminate’ goal was removed from the possible level goals. I get that after a time, the somewhat repetitive kill sequences can get a little boring for some, but a multiplayer map where overlapped enemies MUST be killed simultaneously, or alert the living one, has real interest for my friend and myself.

  4. Hey there! Really enjoying the game so far – can’t wait for own creations in the Level Editor

  5. Great options but you should add more options in the editor, for example dialog options, animations, more relics, etc. 🙂

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