Sniper Fury – Ultimate Guide

Playing for the First Time

When you first open up Sniper Fury, you will be asked to complete a quick tutorial. Note that left click will shoot, right click will scope in your weapon, and scroll wheel will adjust the zoom of your weapon.
When you first start out, do not go for any shop purchases right away, as any guns you purchase early with gems may become redundant later as you progress.


The following is a complete list of all currencies currently in the game and their functions.

  • Cash is one of the main obtainable currencies of the game, and is one of the first that you will encounter. It can be obtained from story missions, contract missions, or from crates from the shop. Cash can be used to upgrade weapons, and purchase weapons and crates from the shop. 
  • Gold is another key currency for progression of both your base and your mercenaries. It can be passively obtained per hour from your base, and you can steal it from other players when you attack. 
  • Rubies are the main paid currency of Sniper Fury, they can be used to accelerate timers, purchase weapons or crates, create a clan, make progress in VIP events, or refill energy. 
  • Energy is a currency that is passively obtained over time and can be used to start missions. It can be refilled for a low ruby cost and is the main obstacle to progression in the game. 
  • Allied Points can be obtained from Clan Ops missions or daily missions. They can be used on the black market to purchase a variety of items. 
  • Neutronium is the clan currency, and is used to power all clan buildings. It can be obtained from winning or losing clan wars, and is an essential part of making progress in the PvP part of the game. Make sure that the clan you join has enough neutronium to power its buildings.

Types of Energy

  • Blue energy is used to complete story missions, clan ops, or relevant events. It recharges the fastest, at a rate of 1 energy every 5 minutes. You can hold a maximum of 10.
  • Purple energy is used to attack enemy bases. It recharges at a medium rate of 1 every 15 minutes. You can hold a maximum of 4.
  • Green energy is used to participate in special events, like Alien Sky. It recharges at the slowest rate of 1 every 45 minutes. You can hold a maximum of 3.

Types of Enemies

  • Assault enemies are the default troops of Sniper Fury, and do not have any significant abilities. 
  • Heavy enemies are exclusive to story missions, and will not take damage if they are shot in the chest. They will take full damage if shot in the head, arms, or legs. 
  • Sniper enemies always target the player with a red laser. If they are not stunned or killed quickly enough, they will instantly kill the player. 
  • RPG enemies will always target the player with a series of rockets. The first two will always miss, and the third will always instantly kill the player. 
  • Grappling enemies will pull themselves towards the player. When they get close, time will slow down for everyone except for the player, and there will be a 4 second window before the player is instantly killed if they are not able to kill the grappling enemy. 
  • Drones hover in place for a few seconds, and then will fly in towards the player. If they are not killed quickly enough, they will instantly kill the player. 
  • Golden Drones act identical to regular drones but they have double the defense of regular drones and are therefore much harder to kill. 

Basic Strategy

The most important part of progressing quickly in Sniper Fury is effectively using your energy. Given the long cooldowns of the purple and green energy, it is important that you are successful and meaningfully target things that you want to achieve with said energy.

Keep in mind that any time you level up, all of your energy will be refilled, so make sure you expend all of your purple and green energy BEFORE you level up, as it will not give you too much experience but will give you a great deal of progress.

The best Sniper Fury players will regularly check into the game multiple times per day rather than play for one extended session, as energy refills quickly enough that checking in once per hour would be extremely productive.

Make sure that when raiding with purple energy against enemy bases, that you are confident the attack will succeed and that the gold you will receive is worth the investment of the energy.

On the contrary, make sure that you also note the increasing price of refreshing the bases with gold, as it will scale up and can quickly burn out your gold storage.

The level of your mercenaries and your gold vault can never exceed the level of your profile, so in order to obtain powerful mercenaries and a larger gold storage, use up your blue energy to obtain large amounts of experience.

Check the events tab daily as events are added regularly. Even if you don’t think you can place high enough to receive the rewards yet, there are specific milestones for each event that will give rewards to any player that reaches them.


Clans are an essential part of effectively progressing in Sniper Fury. The following is a list of the buildings available to a clan.

Research Lab

The Research Lab grants a random pvp boost item every 8 hours. You can also conceal your base using this building for 25 gems.


The Armory is the most important building. It will allow you to rent the Shaman X for free, which is an extremely powerful gun for raiding enemy bases. It has high accuracy and damage, and is far better than any other gun that is not found in the armory.

Defensive Systems

The Defensive Systems allows you to rent gear for a low gem price, and also offers a free banner for your base.


The Barracks allows you to rent a mercenary for free for 24 hours, which will greatly improve both your gold production as well as your overall base defense.

Keep in mind that these buildings require neutronium to be used, so make sure that the clan you join has enough neutronium to supply their buildings.

If you are looking for a clan with these buildings available, my clan: ‘What is This’ currently has 16 open slots and a low trophy requirement. The status is public, so anyone who wants to can join. Donations are not required.

Late Game

As you progress through the campaign, at some point you will no longer be able to directly buy the next gun. Instead, you will have to obtain 20 pieces of the gun to combine into the full gun. This process can be frustrating and time consuming, but the alternative is spending lots of money on gems to skip the grind.

In order to make this process less painful, do contract missions regularly for gold and xp even if your story progress is stuck. Open up Combat Packs for a chance to obtain the pieces, and keep in mind that you can randomly be rewarded a piece at the end of a raid against an enemy player’s base.

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  1. My Rubies chest has 57 Rubies, yet when I win a PVP I am told the chest is full. I am on Level 24 and the Base is Level 13.
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