Cyber Manhunt – Guide to Death of the Programmer (Chapter 1)

Please note: all credit goes to John Lambo!

This is a rough guide for the first chapter: Death of the Programmer.

Death of the Programmer Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Death of the Programmer.

Open link about Kapil Modi suicide.

  • Collect “Kapil Modi” and “Lisa Snyder”

Browse “Kapil Modi”

Open Toothbook profile for “Kapil Modi”

  • Collect “Modi_Programmer”, “TB25411572”, “She lied about her marriage to me”

Open article about Lisa Snyder’s Legal Team.

  • Collect Legal Statement.

Open Toothbook profile for “Lisa Snyder” (Lisa’s profile will be private at this time)

  • Collect “SweetLisa” and “TB15874784”

Open Imeet account for “Lisa Snyder”.

Using information gathered use “Lisa Snyder” and “[email protected]” or Hitalk account “293857382” to collect other information.

Collect Lisa’s password using the Crack app and the gathered information. (Lisa8849) This password won’t unlock Lisa’s toothbook so we have to do it via email.

Go to Toothbook and reset Lisa’s toothbook password by selecting “reset password” on the login screen.

Login to Lisa’s email using information provided.

Select New email from toothbook and click link to login directly to Lisa’s toothbook.

  • Collect “that’s what he gave me after he beat me at home.”, “always abused me when there is no one else”, and the photo of Lisa sunbathing (take note of the date).
  • Collect Walker’s phone number (021-498-4937).

Log back into Lisa’s email.

  • Collect James Joyce in the email sent by Laywer.
  • Collect Bank Statement.

Call Walker’s phone anonymously.

  • When given split options:

  1. Select “Be Honest”.
  2. Select “About Lisa”.
  3. Select “About Marriage Fraud.”

After the call, scroll back up and collect:

  • “they eventually got married.”

By this time, the first inference will be at 100%. Select “What happened between Modi and Lisa”

  • Figure out whether Modi committed domestic violence based on what Lisa said.
  • Lisa did not sufferfrom domestic violence (bug).
  • What is the name of the ex-husband claimed by Lisa?
  • Robert Cohen (collected from Legal Statement)
  • From the clues collected, what can we learn?
  • Lisa has a lot of “income” recently.

After the first inference is completed, Ashley will give you Modi’s company name “Defoss Network”. Browse “Defoss Network” and open webpage.

Using “Kapil Modi” and “[email protected]” to gather more information via database and use that information via Crack app to unlock modi’s password (Modi1024).

Open Modi’s email using password and email collected.

  • Collect “Carter Harris” and his Hitalk: 382943858 in the last email in the inbox.

Browse “Daniel Kos” and open his toothbook profile.

  • Collect “Daniel_K” and “TB13977416”.
  • Collect comment “Lisa and her mother came to company to make big trouble.” (grammar bug)

Browse “Carter Harris” and open his Twodrive link using his Hitalk account.

  • Listen to conversation between “Harris” and “Modi”
  • Collect “operate in the grey area,” and “sign a fake contract”.

By this time the second inference will be at 100%. Complete the second inference.

  • How can you tell that Modi is under great mental stress (grammar bug)?
  • Daniel said that Lisa has harassed Modi.
  • What is the dirt on Modi?
  • Both of them.
  • What happened to Modi’s company?
  • Business is struggling with possible bankruptcy.

Select Phishing between Lisa and her Lawyer.

  • When the choices come up select:

  1. Intimidate.
  2. Intimidate.
  3. Ask the Truth.

  • Collect the following statements after the conversation is over.

  1. Antony Baekeland.
  2. “Through the tailor made service of Imeet membership.”
  3. “Four marriages got me a little money”.

By this time, all three inferences have been completed. Third inference doesn’t have a minigame. You can submit or complete the fourth inference.

Since you collected “Antony Baekeland” and his Hitalk account, use the database program to unlock his information then Crack program to unlock his password. If his nickname is missing it’s “Carter Harris”.

Open Antony Baekland/Carter Harris’s Hitalk account with password given.

  • Group chat: Collect “ we’re ready to propose divorce and compensation.”, “Lisa, you can start to threaten him” and “he really jumped off the building”.

Call Imeet Customer Hotline

  • After the conversation, select “can’t modify any user information.”

Note: Ashley should appear asking user to hack into Imeet’s website. There currently is a bug where she doesn’t. Try searching around. This appeared when I logged into Antony’s Hitalk.

Select the Phishing program, and hack into Imeet server.

  • Select VIPbenefitsIntro. Pdf and collect document.
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