Minion Masters – All Codes

Minion Masters An addictive fast-paced hybrid of Deckbuilding and Tower-Defense game developed by BetaDwarf. In this guide you can find all the valid codes that gives you some unique in-game rewards.

All Working Minion Masters Promo Codes

Active and Valid Codes

Card Codes

Here you’ll find all the card codes, after redeemed these codes you can to receive cards as rewards.

  • RB8-3ME – Gives you Crystal Archer card.
  • vc296x – Gives you Bannerman card.
  • 4LK-YEK-82N – Gives you Propeller Horde card.
  • FMA-PLJ-GM5 – Gives you Battle Shi-hou card. 
  • KCV-6R9-YRE – Gives you Scrat Launcher card.
  • PXR-H42-SSJ – Gives you Tranquil Shi-Hou card.

Free Power Token Codes

Here you’ll find all the Free Power Token codes, after redeemed these codes you can to receive Free Power Token as rewards.

  • K4V-QTA – Gives you Power Token.
  • wbnz4c – Gives you Power Token.

Gold Codes

These are all the gold codes, after redeemed it you claim more gold as free reward.

  • UT7-QRT-PF9 – Gives you 2 000 gold.

Combo Pack Codes

These are all the Combo Pack codes, redeem these codes to receive these Combo packs as reward

  • W3Q-Y8K-967 – Gives you 1 200 gold and one Power Token.
  • 7XC-T9H-CF3 – Gives you Spirit Vessel, Crystal Sentry and one Power Token.
  • CRO-SSD-UDE – Gives you Crossbow Dudes, 3 Crossbow Guilds and Avatar.

Minion Masters Codes – Other Rewards

Create a Twitch account and link it to the game to receive extra rewards from streamers

  • ATJ-Q31-BH3 (Code for Twitch Prime)

How to Redeem Minion Masters Codes

  1. Complete the game tutorial. 
  2. Unlock the Shop (on level 7) and open it.
  3. Click on Redeem (upper right corner).
  4. Type the code.
  5. Press Redeem button.

How to Play Minion Masters

Play single 1evel or enjoy a mate for 2v2. You can engage in epic battles full of innovative strategies and smart plays! Collect alot of cards with unique mechanics.

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