Islanders – Useful Tips and Walkthrough

A basics walkthrough help you scoring more than 20000 points.

Complete Walkthrough Guide

All credit goes to FiceLeo!

Not recommend to pick lumberjack & sawmill pack in the beginning

  • Very few only building like them.
  • Many of building dislike them.
  • Blocking building area due to group of lumberjack and sawmill.
  • No basic points.
  • Forest zone better for hop farm, park and oasis resorts.
  • Suitable for later stage build like wall.

Click the “+” button after you reach it

  • That’s no reason to keep it unless you want the achievement “slow burn”.
  • Unlock next buildings and new building technology make more advantage to scoring.
  • Keep more and more buildings in your inventory. That’s no UNO game.
  • For example, unlock more mason (quarry) and mansions to boost up temple’s scores.
  • Or maybe you will unlock 2nd Warehouse before placed your 1st Market.

Keep your high tier building as long as possible

  • Build houses, mansion, etc… before build your tower or market.
  • Build park, farm, fountain, etc… before build your oasis resorts.

Crazy marketplace!

229 points Resorts

My Monument new record 280 points. 

Better than first Monument scoring. 

Planing & Separate Island’s building areas

Hillside for Houses, Circus, Tavern, Market, Wall Plateau…

Gold Vein area always for Gold Mine, Jewelry, Mansions, Fountain, Park…

Even gold vein on irregular terrain, try to plan build mansions zone on it.

Forest area for Park, Fountain, Brewery, Hop Fields, Oasis Resort…

Just forget about Lumberjacks and Sawmill.

Statue’s score bonus are sweet, but suitable terrain for building more important

Sometimes Statue didn’t appear at suitable place like far away from mainland or flat terrain.

You can just ignore Statue’s bonus and build at another place.

Wall Plateau are very rare & Powerful, use them wisely

  • Reserve for 2nd Market.
  • Hanging above your city area.
  • Extra scores for Temple.
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