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Universe Sandbox - How to Make a Neutron Star

Written by Allan.kims   /   Sep 23, 2020    

My way i make a neutron star in universe sandbox 2 for who want to make a neutron star but do not know how.

Making a Neutron Star (Step-by-Step)

First Step

How to make a neutron star-first ad a red supergiant.


Get it to supernova if it had a supergiant (red) mass it will have a nova remain. Make time about billions of years per sec to com down the nova.

Neutron Star

  • Now the making starts why i made it to go supernova is because if not a nova remain it will turn to a black hole or scatter to fragments.
  • Now make it have about 10000~100000 degrees celsius.
  • Next make it 3 sun mass.
  • Then, turn it about 25km it will still be a star if it was a nova remain.
  • Next make the rotation about 1 sec.


Note: you don't need to do this but it look good.

  • Make the magnetosphere strength about 10000000 Tesla ~ 1000 Tesla it will create pulsar and look great it will boom around.
  • Name it a "Neutron star" or whatever you want to name it.

Written by Allan.kims.