Starpoint Gemini 3 – Guide to Mining, Salvaging & Crafting

Let’s have a look at mining, salvaging from derelicts and doing some crafting.

Mining, Salvaging & Crafting Overview


Probably the most obvious way to earn Credits in Starpoint Gemini 3 is to complete jobs offered by bartenders on stations and planets, but is far from being the only way.


Mining is simple: go to an asteroid, blast it to pieces, collect raw that drops as loot. Simple, straightforward… But, that’s not all there is to it. While you can do the simple process, you could invest some time and money and get your hands on a real gold mine. The Scanner module has an important li’l parameter called Ore detection. This is short for Ore detection distance and it tells you at what distance, you’re able to detect rich ore deposits. Once one such deposit appears inside the Ore detection radius of your scanner, it will get marked on the HUD, making it easier to find and navigate to it. These deposits are what you’re really looking for when wanting to do quality mining. The rest is handled in the same way: shoot, destroy, collect.


The principle is basically identical to mining:

  1. Get a good scanner for derelicts.
  2. Detect a derelict.
  3. Destroy to get loot.

Gas Collecting

Once again, almost identical approach:

  1. Get a good scanner for gas.
  2. Detect a gas pocket.
  3. Go and collect it.

Only the final stage is different since you don’t destroy a gas pocket, bur you rather interact with it to collect its loot.

This is all very simple, and it honestly should be. There’s no point in making these actions seem like chores. Once your inventory is full, you’ll likely go to a nearby station, planet or outpost and dump all that cargo to the Trader for some profit. But what if you want to earn some more with just an additional step? Check the next section…


Almost all items in Starpoint Gemini 3 are in some form a part of the Crafting system. They are either used solely as ingredients, are a final product in of themselves, or actually both, if the fit in the middle of the crafting chain.

All items fit into a category like Ore, Gas, Components, Products… and generally speaking the crafting chain is as follows:

  • Ore & Gas => Product => Component => Weapon / Missile / Equipment

Or in textual form: Ore and Gas are combined to create Components. Components are combined to create Products. And Products are combined to create high tier items like Weapons, Missiles and Equipment. Each craftable item requires you to have the necessary ingredients and the blueprint. Collecting blueprints is explained further in the guide, but let’s stick to crafting basics for now.

The above means you could actually use the ore and gas you collected to craft components and then sell those components for even greater profit. Going even further, you could use those components and craft products. That has an even greater markup. And finally, you could craft entire weapons and sell those for massive profits, or use them yourself.

The web of crafting links could be difficult to navigate until you’re familiar with it, but this is where the Crafting interface comes in. It will show you if you can craft an item or not. It will also show you if you don’t have enough ingredients for the currently selected item, but you do have enough to craft one of ITS ingredients etc.. You don’t have to learn the recipes by heart. There really is no need.

Blueprints & Where to Get Them

If you’ve read all of the above, first, good for you and thank you for not letting the time writing this guide go to waste. And secondly, you’ll realize that an essential part of the crafting process is the blueprint. You cannot craft an item if you don’t have the blueprint for it. There are several ways you can obtain a crafting blueprint:

  1. Destroy ships and you’ll notice that in some instances you’ll get a blueprint. This is fairly randomized, but you won’t get duplicates.
  2. Blueprints can be obtained as quest rewards.
  3. When controlling ADAH, you’ll sometimes bump into them. You’ll recognize them as floaty rubik’s cube thingies.

Early Access Disclaimer

For now, these are the two ways to get blueprints. More will be added before the final release of the game.

Crafting is definitely a side activity available to you if you want to invest time in it. There are no in-game skills requirements. What you need is time, but the rewards can truly be awesome.

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