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Due Process - Comprehensive Weapon Guide (Shotguns and Recoil Patterns)

Written by Fallen Scholar   /   Nov 7, 2020    

Guide to Weapons (Mechanics and Other)


General Shotgun Information

  • The spread pattern is consistent from what I can tell and is X shaped except for the Auto Shotgun which is spiral shaped.
  • Hipfire is extremely ineffective beyond point blank range.
  • All brace aim for shotguns utilizes a laser sight.
  • Shooting will take you out of brace aim or ADS unless it is the Auto Shotgun; it takes a second to get back into ADS or brace aim.
  • All shotguns can breach non-fire doors, including teller doors on the convenience store maps.


First up is the attacker's DL-12. From left to right you have the hipfire, the brace aim, and finally the ADS shot. As you can see, the spread is significantly reduced if you brace or ADS. I feel that this is the tightest spread for any shotgun but I have not tried to do a size comparison yet.

Super Shotgun

Next is the defender's Super Shotgun. This shorty is a good backup in the scenario where you have to hold a door or short corner. As with the DL-12, from left to right, hipfire, brace aim, ADS. This is a really good weapon for attackers since you can breach with it and it doesn't take up your main weapon slot. This should be used at closer ranges than other shotguns.


The TUB-12 is the primary defender's shotgun and is well suited to defense with a faster pump speed than the DL-12 but with a larger spread. Same pattern as the others.

Auto Shotgun

Everybody's favorite, the Auto Shotgun. This is monster is what it says on the tin, an automatic shotgun. This is the only shotgun that does not require you to leave ADS or brace aiming after firing. Brace aim has a laser but ADS does not. Also, the spread is more spiral shaped Same pattern as the others from left to right.


  • Always ADS or brace aim unless absolutely necessary or spread will be too large to one hit or even 2 hit.
  • Playing near corners or doors is probably the best bet.
  • It is usually a good idea to have one shotgun when attacking for breaching and close quarters.
  • These are ammo efficient and, as long as you are not facing multiple opponents at the same time, can be devastating.
  • These are well suited to hit and run tactics.

Other Weapons

General Notes

  • The patterns are not fixed but do follow a pattern.
  • All patterns are shown from left to right as hipfire, brace aim, and ADS.
  • Each one is about a third or so of a magazine unless the mag is 10 rounds or less.


The Defender's KR82U is a powerful PDW with high recoil. Horizontal recoil is high but not as high as vertical recoil.


The AP-25 is the bread and butter of the Attackers and one of the more versatile in the game with a decent rate of fire, accuracy, recoil, and range. Primarily has vertical recoil with very little horizontal.


The BLK-TAR is a semi automatic rifle with good damage and range. Like other attacker weapons, the BLK-TAR has primarily vertical recoil with minimal horizontal recoil.


The Ingmar-57 is the defender's scoped automatic rifle. Can be good as long as you can keep the recoil under control. Best for mid to long range engagements. Primarily vertical recoil with some horizontal.


The F1-Legros is a semi automatic rifle similar to the BLK-TAR but with a bit more of a punch. Good at penetration. Minimal to no horizontal recoil but high vertical recoil.


The Nack-11 is a fantastic SMG that can rip right through multiple people with one magazine. Recoil is small for an automatic and can be controllable at short to medium ranges. A balanced mix of horizontal and vertical recoil.


The Gruber 5 is a good short to mid range SMG that has low recoil and is fairly controllable, at least in comparison to the Nack-11. Primarily has vertical recoil with the initial shots having reduced recoil.


  • ADS reduces the size of the pattern and is more stable whereas the brace aim cuts horizontal recoil but does little to reduce the vertical recoil.
  • Patterns don't tend to have a major shift until later into the spray so they are more consistent.
  • Just use common sense and it should be okay.

Written by Fallen Scholar.

Game:   Due Process