Succumate – Full Completion Guide

How to unlock all scenes for Succumate.

Guide to Unlock All Scenes


Succumate is a straight-forward game, if you like it and haven’t played Summer Memories yet you should finish this first then that, if you’ve played Summer Memories already this game may be disappointing for you since it is a much earlier work. A lot of confusion people might have will stem from…”That’s it?”

In general

You only die from losing vitality. Losing hunger just makes you slow, getting a cold makes you recover stats slower. You can’t lose vitality unless you give it to Lilim or one of your neighbors.

The simple gameplay loop is get money from playing the guitar until “You’re holding a concert for animals!”, you receive bursts of 200 for using the arrow keys but no additional money after all 4 animals appear. Best use of your time is to stop right after the 4th animal appears.

Talk to Kagami around 5-6 am or 10pm to access the gym 10am-8pm (open every day but Monday), upgrade your sleep and vitality meters only. Sleep is 100% restored every six hours so go crazy, vitality has much higher rewards if more of it is used at once, be it for videos with your neighbors or for meeting your energy requirements with Lilim. The videos can be sold to the black haired businessman neighbor in 102 for massive amounts of money.

There are several side characters in this game much like Summer Memories, but some of them do not have scenes with the player. There are only really 3 characters that have a questline: Kagami, Satou and Nanjou.

Side Characters

All three side characters in Succumate have an affection system set on increments of 20, and must be maxed out “Affection Maxed!” in order to progress in their storyline. Coffee gaurantees 1 affection, crystal ball from the doctor gaurantees 5, and the gacha from the machine next to the convenience store is 3. If you’re stuck with a side character, try giving them more items.

The blonde teacher is not a side character.

Make sure you have maxed out the affection of a character before assuming you’re stuck.


  • Convenience store clerk with brown/gray pony tail, lives in 201.
  • She wears a jacket on the street, has brown/grayish hair.
  • Her affection counter seems to be bugged, its in increments of 20 per event, if you go over you’ll receive “Affection Maxed!” so just keep giving her stuff.
  • She leaves her house every morning at 7 to go to work. After reaching 20 affection her dialogue will change, after reaching 40 she will mention a fear of earthquakes.
  • Returning to your apartment will have an earthquake happen, and a hole open up.
  • Unlike the other characters, Satou requires a specific trigger in addition to her 20 affection.
  • Every night from 8pm to 5am you will receive a message in the textbox saying “You feel you are being watched”, you have to be with Lilim during this time and after maxing out her affection you can finish her questline.


Gym instructor with red hair, probably homeless since she can’t afford a shirt.

  • Red hair, same name/frame as the School gym instructor on Spoiled Child/Summer Memories.
  • DojinOtome seems to love this character since shes repeated in another game.
  • She runs at a very specific time of 5am to 6am, as well as 10pm. She may not show up on Mondays, when the gym is closed.
  • This is a very straight forward requirement: after talking and leveling she mentions a home gym service, use the home gym service, then continue leveling and use it again under massages.


Blonde teacher, lives in 203.

  • Blonde, white dress.
  • She doesn’t have any scenes with the player.
  • Talk to both her and her student(a MC from a previous game) as much as possible, they don’t require gifts.
  • At 5 PM you can talk to the student and he’ll give you some line.
  • At 6 PM on a different day you can go to the window of room 203 to finish her questline, and that is the entirety of the content for Yoshikawa.


Downstairs purple haired wife in 101.

  • Purple haired glasses wearing lady, yellow shirt.
  • Talk with her at 7AM to begin her quest line.
  • Don’t buy any of her items, just give her gifts as normal.
  • Once you reach the 3rd set of affection you should see a scene outside of her window at 11am-1pm. She will ask you to follow her husband, he will be at the trash can at 3 AM.
  • Max out affection, and there will be the same scene outside of her window at 11am-1pm.
  • Her husband will be with a woman with blonde curly hair. The blonde curly haired woman doesn’t appear again and has no scenes.

One-shot side characters

Some characters have only one scene, or they give you some reward. Here are their locations and requirements:

Businessman neighbor in 102: (Midnight/4am)

  • This guy wanders a bit but is available by knocking on his door after midnight and before 5am. You can make home videos with most of your neighbors, but not Lilim, and sell them to the businessman by knocking on his door before the Radio guy appears in the early morning. He walks around town at Midnight in front of the Convenience store.
  • He’ll give you a camera if you catch him around town making videos, I can’t remember what time he does this unfortunately. But you’ll definitely see him out and about filming, talk to him and he’ll give you the camera and 3 sets of film. Holding Z during the filming minigame will net you more money, but the home videos with your neighbors will net 13-15k instead of the paltry 3k from the minigame.

1 set of Siblings from the convenience store,another set of a young couple (Varied times)

  • These characters don’t interact with the main character. During certain days the siblings will have altered shifts and you can find them behind the convenience store and make a video of them for the Businessman. The young couple will appear in the wooded thicket to the left of your apartment stairs, same deal with the video. The times are varied but you can see the events whenever the entrances of the thicket or convenience store back have symbols appearing over them.
  • You can encounter the siblings but not the young couple out on the street, they have dialogue that doesn’t advance the plot but does give a hint on days they will be around.

Fidget spinner: (10am-8pm)

  • In front of the cafe there are some chairs that will have a video game twinkle, interact with it to meet fidget spinner boy. He doubles whatever you output in vitality to Lilim(only lilim, doesn’t affect neighbor videos) which may be helpful at the early stages of the game.
  • The game is simple enough, you are losing health points rapidly(being converted to energy)and can expend health to deal damage or block damage. At 200 energy you or your enemy can attack and or block. Just attack, its a simple game.
  • In order to unlock his 2x vitality output ability you have to customize your…fidget spinner with higher damage, at monetary cost. Once you have a really high damage output and an attack ability you just press left and right arrow keys and you have to fight him 4 times at increasing difficulties.
  • The attack ability is unequipped from your fidget spinner when customizing it so make sure you reattach it each time.

Radio exercise guy: (5am)

  • This guy is depressed because no one wants to dance with him in the morning. Ask everyone around town who has a questline to join in at 5AM and they’ll agree. You also have to ask Kagami but she will refuse.
  • The full list is Teacher, her(teacher’s) student, Nanjou, Satou, and Businessman(room 102), Kagami(she won’t show up). Completing this will net you immunity to cold and recover your fatigue/hunger for a single day every time you do the radio exercise.

Affair partner: (3am)

  • This character only appears during Nanjou’s questline talking to Nanjou’s husband. There are no additional scenes.

Guitar loving animals: (Random times, behind the convenience store always)

  • If you play the guitar, and you should since its the easiest way to make money, the dogs will eventually be pleased with your performance. Talking to all 4 animal types will net you a reward for Lilim. The problem is I noticed the horse doesn’t like to show up, you just have to keep checking behind the convenience store different hours/days until all 4 types have been spoken to.

That old guy from DragonBall Z: (8am to 1pm?)

  • I don’t have an exact time on when he leaves, sorry. He appears in the wooded thicket to the left of your apartment stairs every morning, at 8am.
  • This character sells new abilities for use with Lilim only, they have increasing cost from 2500 up to 3500, and he has six of them. Getting all of them will make him happy and name you the inheritor of his techniques, and stuff.

Blue outlined ability unlocking guy: (like..2am, 4 am)

  • I don’t have an exact time on him either, he appears in the wooded thicket too but its not as big of a deal since there’s no reason to speak to this character. His unlocks are expensive and don’t really serve a purpose.
  • He sells abilities at a high price rewarded from other side characters so by getting his abilities you are negating any reason to play the game. The only exception to this is getting the animal press ability from him then completing the guitar animals side quest (after purchase) nets you 10k minus the cost of the ability.

Gacha man (Noon, 6pm)

  • Appearing to the left of the doctor, right at the convenience store, this guy wants all the gachas in sequence. He reappears in Spoiled Child/Summer Memories as well.
  • In case it isn’t clear, buy all the items until you have the entire set and then give them to him. He gives you another ability for Lilim. Its worth noting you’ll end up with a massive stack of duplicates, and you can gift the duplicate gachas for affection points after finishing his quest.

Homeless guy (Midnight)

  • This guy appears in front of the trash can, eating out of it. You have to talk to him once in order to progress with the true ending.

Doctor (10am to 8pm)

  • There aren’t any scenes with this character, other than the true ending.

Apartment architect

  • He appears in recollection mode only to say “Thanks for playing!” after full game completion.

Main Questline

Ending 0: Beat the game

  • The main questline is buy vitality medicine.
  • Failing investigation questions just nets you a loss in $$$.

Ending 1: Solve the murders!

  • To get ending 1 you have to ignore Hoori (the blonde friend of Lilim) during Chapter 4, then proceed with chapter 5. At the start of chapter 5, choose to investigate instead of ambushing the murderer. Talk to every shaded outline character (The blue guys, the pink girls), work once at the restaurant, and read the book on succubi from the convenience store, the Leanan-sidhe part.
  • To help yourself out later, during Chapter 5 go to the trash can at midnight to talk to the beggar. If he doesn’t appear, don’t worry about it you can reload a save and do it later. Talking to him is required to trigger the True ending. Keep a save in Chapter 5.

Ending 2: Just talk to Hoori during the chapter 4 cinematic.

“Ending” 3: Die to Lilim in various ways?

  • There is a cinematic in Chapter 5 where you say “Ambush the criminal” instead of “investigate the crime” and Lilim will kill you as a result. Not a real ending.

True ending: Not a very happy ending to be honest.

  • After finishing the game, and having talked to the beggar at midnight to be aware of him, exit to the main menu and enter recollection mode. There’ll be a blue guy in plain sight, not the guy in the black suit, a blue outlined guy. Talk to him, then load a save in Chapter 5
  • At midnight talk to the beggar in front of the gym with a vitality medicine in your inventory and the game will be 100% complete.
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