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SimCasino Beginners Tutorial

All credit goes to Jip!

Hello there casino owners! Having a rough start?! Hopefully this tutorial will help you get started!

Main Menu

When u first enter the game, you will have the option to set a New Profile. You can enter ur name & select the following options:

  • Starting Cash – Choose between $125.000 / $200.000 / $500.000 / $1.000.000
  • Unlocked Cash – Allows negative cash spending.
  • Instant Research – Makes you start with all research unlocked.
  • Auto Delivery – Don’t wait for your items to be delivered!
  • Instant Staff – Staff will arrive at once.
  • Prebuild Starter Map – Gives you a prebuild space.

For your first game I recommend playing with $200.000 & Auto Delivery / Instant Staff & The prebuild starter map!

This game will have the option to really micromanage ur casino, but for starters it’s better to focus on making a profits and master the basic controls first.

Getting Started

Once ur world is loaded, you’ll see you start with a small building that includes a vault (where u keep your cash) & a storage (where you keep drinks/foods etc.)

There is also a ATM machine. These are really usefull to place around since you want guests to spend as much money as possible!

On the left side there is a little menu with some quick and usefull tools. Hover over them to see each function!

Now, To get your casino started you should start adding some slot machines.

On the bottem side press the build button. Here you can select all different catagory’s for now select the 2 dices.

Select ur first slot machine and place them into your building. (when you hold ur mouse button and drag the mouse left/right u can build a row).

I’d suggest to build around 15/20 slot machines. (5 in each row).

You can select your chairs & in the same menu u can even change the colors! Once you placed the slot machines down, its time to set them up!

Setting Up the Basics of Your Slot Machines

Click on a slot machine to change the settings for that machine! You can choose the following options:

  • Designer Tool – Lets you change chair/color.
  • Reset to default – Reset all changes.
  • Apply to all of same game – Set all ur changes to all slot machines with the same game.
  • Apply to all in row – Set all ur changes to all slot machines within the same row.
  • Change Game – Here you can select a game i recommend setting the same game for each row.

Now the most important thing! What will be the pay costs / what will they win?!

Setting Up Bet Chance & Odds

Play cost

By default it is set by $0.01 this will mean that whenever a guest start to play they will pay $0.01 for each spin. I’d say increase this ammount for each row! (If you have 3 rows, set 1 row to $1.00 / 1 to $5.00 & 1 to $10.00). Now we have the change the odds to make sure the house advantage is under 10% and above 0%.

Single bet push chance

Its 35% by default. This means that ur guest will have 35% chance to win back whatever the play cost is!

Double bet prize chance

Its 4% by default. This means that ur guest will have 4% chance to win double whatever the play cost is!

Jackpot / Jackpotchance

Its 0.5% for $25.00 by default. This means that ur guest will have 0.5% chance to win $25.00

Recommended Settings


  • Single: 35%
  • Double: 10.750%
  • Jackpot: $25
  • Jackpot Chance: 0.125%


  • Single: 35%
  • Double: 17%
  • Jackpot: $25
  • Jackpot Chance: 0.250%


  • Single: 35%
  • Double: 17%
  • Jackpot: $125
  • Jackpot Chance: 0.250%


  • Single: 35%
  • Double: 17%
  • Jackpot: $500
  • Jackpot Chance: 0.250%


  • Single: 34.250%
  • Double: 14%
  • Jackpot: $2.000
  • Jackpot Chance: 0.500%


  • Single: 34.250%
  • Double: 14%
  • Jackpot: $4.000
  • Jackpot Chance: 0.250%

If you set all slot machines to the same game & select ”set all to same game” All slot machines will have the same settings. After this you can change the games (but your settings will stay the same).


When u click on the guest tab u will be able to advertise ur casino. For the first 2/3 days I use the locas leaflets with default settings.

Once you’ve got more slots or table games you can choose to buy a more expencive one.

Building Your First Facility’s

All guest will have some needs, Since you start with a small casino i recommends building a general toilet (with 2 toilets (1for each 10 slots) & a drink bar.

You can place sofa’s & chairs close to the bar so when ur bar is full they can still order a drink and have a moment to relax and sit down!

By now you should also place down a 2nd ATM (specially when u set your slot machines to $10.00 Play cost).

Now Its Time to Place Some Table Games!

First you’ll need atleast a 3×3 space for a pit boss office (found under staff facility’s). Make sure u zone the area & enclose this space (and add a staff door).

After u build the office you can place down a cashier cage (found under gambling). Here your guest can trade the chips they won into cash. You’ll only need 1 for now.

Now select any table game you like, set the chairs and ur done!


By now you’ll have your casino up and running! Guest will come in & you should have some daily profits. This will mean you can start building a small research office & start researching!

I’d recommend to start unlocking:

  • Bigger Advantage (Makes you set house advantage to 20% = More Profits!)
  • Players Club Desk (Makes guest sign up to be a member in ur casino so guest will come back more often)
  • High limit gamble zone (Set a zone with higher play cost = More Profits!)


Make sure you keep expanding along the way! Place more & more table games/slot machines to increase profits.

Maybe start a small hotel on the 2nd floor or make a little bingo hall!

Be sure you play around with all the options! Once you’ve got some experience you could start a new profile & really start building your dream casino!

Some Last Tips I Find Very Useful!

  • Keep 1 slot game open to use as a ”set setting game”. This will let you set new slot machines up much faster!
  • If you set ur slot machines on a low single/double win-rate your guests will get very frustrated!
  • Slots Machines will make much more $ then table games.
  • When u press Z on your keyboard you will toggle all zones!
  • When u press V on your keyboard u can quickly copy / paste almost everything!
  • Under the building menu you’ll have the option ”clone area tool” This can come in really handy in you would like to copy/paste hotel rooms or bathrooms!

I hope this tutorial was useful for you guys! Good luck making the big bucks!

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