Guardian Chronicle – Lobby Guide



Depending on the account level, the ATK power and the amount of Lanic at the game start will vary. You can level up by playing games.


Build your own deck for each combat mode with the Guardian and Master you have.

Guardian and Master can become stronger through upgrades.

Once the number of Guardians/Masters gained from Scout or Box is accumulated to a certain point, you will be able to upgrade them.

You can check out the list of emoticons you have and equip them in the slot.


This is an in-game shop where you can buy special packages, golds, gems, and also Deal of the Day packages that change every day.

Deal of the Day packages that you can buy with gold or gem reset at 15:00 (UTC+9) every day. Don’t forget to drop by the shop to check out the items!

Various package items are prepared for all you adventurers.

Buy boxes with the gold you earned from playing the game and upgrade your Guardians to make it more powerful.


A Social menu allows you to add friends and create or join a guild. Make friends to play Co-op mode together!

  • Guild: You can create a new guild or join an already existing one.
  • Friend: Add random users whom you’ve met through Competitive or Co-op modes as friends, or add friends with the Tag(User Code).


Collect quest points by completing the quests and open boxes. Receive different types of achievement rewards.

  • Daily Quest: Daily quests reset at (time) every day. Complete the quests and collect the points to get rewards.

If you think you won’t be able to complete the quests in the given time, you can refresh the quests up to three times a day.

  • Achievement: Achievement rewards can only be received once per account.


You can scout Guardians and Masters with gems.

Scout is divided into two types; a Season Scout where the summon pools differ by the season and a Normal Scout.

You will collect Legendary Soul Powder whenever you draw in Scout. Depending on the scouted Guardian’s rarity, the amount of Legendary Soul Powder will vary.

A pile of 100 powders is automatically exchanged with one Legendary Soul Stone.

If you would like to upgrade your Guardian but lack the amount of guardian needed, you can upgrade it with the Legendary Soul Stone and gold instead.

Battle Box

You will acquire battle coins after playing the game and you can open up the battle boxes with the battle coins.

The price of the battle box is determined by the number of purchases and is reset to the 1st round price once a day (15:00 (UTC+9)).

Guardian Pass

A single win in a Competitive mode stacks one Guardian Pass point and you can get an extra point through every consecutive win.

If you lose in a Competitive mode, you will not be able to gain a Guardian Pass point.

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