Sam & Max Save the World – Secret Achievements Guide

Episode 1 – More Than Jerks

Chapter 1 Save

When was the first time you went to the Bosco store talk to Whizzer about Soda Poppers TV show and ask to sing the soda poppers song, and to it over and over until he agrees.

Episode 2 – Dairy Creamer

Chapter 2 Save

When Midtown Cowboys episode shootings starts – just use shaving cream on the cow.

Episode 3 – Rat King

Chapter 1 Save

Just got a score of 21 or more on Whack Da Ratz in Bear’s Mafia-free Playland and Casino.

Episode 4 – Achievement Hunter

Chapter 4 Save

So, Abe Lincoln is crushing East Coast, our president is a hyperkinetic rabbity-thing with a taste for mayhem and we gonna rule this Country including the time and space. For this achivment we need set the calendar to easter in oval office, go outside and check golf hole for the most useless item.

Episode 5 – Powerful Stash

Chapter 3 Save

When is the first time you get in Reality 2.0 listen all Sibil’s audiologs using “Lips” on her desk.

Episode 6 – Headless Hugh

Chapter 6 Save

When Hugh Bliss starts to saw you – сhange places with hin and you can cut off his head with saw.

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