Empire of Sin – Cheats (How to Enable the Dev Menu)

This guide will teach you how to enable and use the developer menu.

This particular guide is focused around the dev menu and commands I’ve found.

Enabling The Dev Menu

Enabling the Dev menu is relatively easy. I strongly recommend using Notepad++.

Open the following file in Notepad++:

  • X:Users<User>AppDataLocalLowRomeroGamesEmpireOfSinSettings.json

In this file you will find a setting called “developerMode”. Set it to “true” DO NOT CAPITALIZE!

You should see “[Dev] QA Perf Test” on start menu if it worked.

  • You can use (`) to open the console.
  • You can also press ALT + 1 to open a GUI menu.
  • You can also access the GUI menu via the pause screen.

Cheats (Console Commands)

General Cheats

  • Dev.toggleGodMode()
  • Dev.togglePlayerAlwaysHits()
  • Dev.toggleFastConversations()
  • Dev.toggleFogOfWar()
  • Dev.revealAllSafehouses()
  • Dev.makeAllRivalsKnownToPlayer()
  • Dev.makeAllRivalFactionsKnownToEachOther()
  • Dev.makeAllFactionsKnowAllBuildings()
  • Dev.addBossAbilityCards()
  • Dev.giveMaxNotoriety(faction)
  • Dev.toggleEaseNicknameRequirements()

Money Cheats

  • Dev.addCash(amount)
  • Dev.addCashToAllFactions(amount)

Alcohol Cheats

  • Dev.addWhiskey(amount)
  • Dev.addPremium(amount)
  • Dev.addTopShelf(amount)
  • Dev.addRack(amount)
  • Dev.addSwill(amount)
  • Dev.addPoison(amount)

Inventory Cheats

  • Dev.giveAllWeapons()
  • Dev.giveAllAbilities()
  • Dev.giveAllAmmo()
  • Dev.giveAllArmor()
  • Dev.giveAllUtility()
  • Dev.addItemToBoss(itemId, count)
  • Dev.addItemToTarget(itemId, target, count)
  • Dev.addItem(itemId, count)

Game Speed Cheats

  • Dev.setGameSpeed(speed)
  • Dev.setGameSpeedDefault()
  • Dev.setGameSpeedX02()
  • Dev.setGameSpeedX04()
  • Dev.setGameSpeedX08()
  • Dev.setGameSpeedX16()
  • Dev.setGameSpeedX32()

Commands For Debuggers, Modders, Tinkerers, And All Other Interested Parties

  • Dev.toggleDebugInfo()
  • Dev.toggleScreenshotMode()
  • Dev.toggleDevOptions()
  • Dev.toggleTacticTableLogs()

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