Idle Monster TD – Perfect Cargo Guide

The purpose of this guide is to highlight one of the most important methods of Gold Generation from mid to late game: Perfect Cargos. This guide contains step-by-step information on how you can perform a Perfect Cargo – although with the amount of variety in this game you may have to switch some things around based on your current game.

Perfect Cargo Guide

A perfect cargo is a method of setting yourself up to get the maximum amount of gold possible from a Cargo Ship. There are multiple steps to ensure you get the most gold possible, and the more you follow, the better. Keep in mind, this strategy is most effective once you unlock Godly and Exotic monsters. These are the steps:

  • 1) Get 2x Gold Ad Reward
  • 2) Remove all DPS Monsters from the map
  • 3) (Optional) Turn off 2x Speed in Settings
  • 4) Summon Cargo Ship
  • 5) (Optional) Place Nimbus in the middle of the Map if possible
  • 6) (Optional) Place Nature Djinn in the middle of the Map if possible. Also surround Nature Djinn with Earth Monsters to increase the efficacy of Gold Lust.
  • 7) Cast Prosper Spell
  • 8) Place Conduit (or if you don’t have Conduit, then your best DPS with the highest alchemy. Make sure it passed one of your Gold Lust monsters*) down to kill.

*The reason for this is, you want your best DPS for killing the Cargo Ship, and the higher the Alchemy it has the more Gold it will drop. It’s recommended that you want have these monsters be on in the same. The other key piece is making sure they pass by a “Fluffy” Variant Monster to get Gold Lust on it.

So generally speaking, you want to make sure that only your monster with the highest alchemy is killing the cargo. So either make sure the others are under-leveled, or off the map entirely. You want top make sure a monster with Gold Lust is able to target the Cargo (typically Conduit, which is extra helpful if Conduit is also the monster with highest Alchemy). Then you want to make sure the Cargo is killed within the range of Nimbus and/or Nature Djinn (assuming you have them).

This is how you maximize your Cargos. Another important tip is to make sure you are not just killing them for the sake of killing them. Each kill increases the Cargo Ships HP, which eventually will make them impossible to kill. They’re great to kill while you are “pushing” for a new highest wave, but I would not advise you to kill them every 2 hours (or so) during farming runs.

Here’s an example kill:

Note: In the above video, 2x Speed is not turned off and instead of removing all the DPS Monsters, they are instead all placed on Skill Support. With the introduction of multiple saved layouts in 1.3.5, this is much quicker to accomplish.

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