The Shrouded Isle – Basic Guide for Beginners

A beginner tutorial on how to play the game through; resource management, and understanding traits.

Executive Summary

Welcome to this guide!

If you are here, you were like me and wondering just how can you win at this game? Well never fear it is more simple than you would think.

Here’s some of the basics you need to know to get you started.

Each person has vices and virtues. Virtues increase the amount of resources whereas, vices decreases resources. You need to be aware of the impact that each player has, or may have.

At the start of the game it is important to try to gain as much information as you can about the vices of all players. At the beginning of every month (after the first month has been completed) you will have a ‘dream’ from your God which tells you to emphasise one particular resource and to ‘find’ a sinner. These sinners are known from their vices.

This game is about resource management. The best way to control your variables is to select three advisors at the start of the month. This limits the potential for an unknown trait to impact your resources. This is because the more advisors you pick, the more balanced the increases and decreases become.

Read below for a more in-depth analysis on how to efficiently and effecitvely find sinners and balance your resources appropriately.


Within the world there are virtues and vices found in people, these are.

Virtues are a generalised pattern of behaviour that is usually somehow beneficial in terms of its outcome
Vices can refer to a fault, a negative character trait.

Simply, Virtues add points to your resources whereas, vices subtract points to your resources. It is important to balance a players vices with their virtues.

Vices are more important to recognise within this game as they specifically tell you who is appropriate to sacrifice at the end of the season.

Note: The ‘dream’ may state “find the thief” which there is no specific ‘thief’ vice. However, the thief refers to Kleptomaniac. This is also the same with ‘preverse’ and ‘pervert’. I will update this as I find more differences between the ‘dream’ sequence.

To find these traits in-game, hover over the trait card below the house name.

Kegnni House

Virtues: Childlike, Dull, Practical, Superstitious, Uneducated.
Vices: Artist, Curious, Imaginative, Linguist, Scholar.

Iosefka House
Virtues: Charismatic, Pyromaniac, Sadist, Singer, Violent.
Vices: Complacent, Cowardly, Gentle, Lazy, Shy.

Cadwell House
Virtues: Ascetic, Athletic, Chaste, Masochist, Stoic.
Vices: Embezzler, Flirt, Gluttonous, Pervert, Slovenly.

Efferson House
Virtues: Accusatory, Convict, Honest, Just, Self-Loathing.
Vices: Liar, Narcissit, Stubborn, Swindler, Weasel.

Blackborn House
Virtues: Crony, Elegant, Lawful, Timid, Unquestioning.
Vices: Cynical, Impulsive, Kleptomaniac, Rebellious, Scarred, Teen.

How do I Find the Sinner?

A dream sequence will occur after the first season which will prompt you to emphasise one specific resource and to ‘find’ a specific sinner.

These sinners can be found via their vices.

For example; if you needed to find ‘the Artist’ then you would attempt to inqiure at the start of the season for people who had the vice “Knows too much?”. This may or may not show that their trait is ‘the artist’ or not as it chooses randomly what information it gives.

Vices and Virtues can be found through advising during the seasons as well. So, if you know that a specific person has the vice “Knows too much?” then allowing them to advise will slowly unlock these traits. (It may take a few months to unlock the trait).

If you are desperate, and are convinced that this person is infact the sinner, you can still sacrifice them at the end of the season. If they are the sinner, you will recieve another dream. If they are not, you will have to find ‘the Artist’ in the season afterwoulds. I caution doing this as regardless of if they are a sinner or not – you need to provide proof. (Proof is provided when you know the specific traits) If you have no proof the house will come closer to starting a revolution.

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