SCP: Escape Together – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

Here you can find all available console commands in SCP: Escape Together the game.

All Cheat Codes

How It Works

Press Tilde ~ (The key above TAB) to display the console window. Then type your code to the opened up window and press Enter.

To list all the commands you can use, open the in-game console and type it in help.

  • GIVE <ITEM> – Share item to all players.
  • ITEMLIST – Shows all available items.
  • CLS|CLEAR – Clears the console output.
  • QUIT|EXIT – Quits the game.
  • HELP – Shows a list of available commands.
  • REFRESHFIX – Changes the console refresh mode.
  • VALUE <VALUE> – Displays the value of the variable giving its hidden code.
  • SEED – Displays the map seed.
  • NOCLIP – Allows you to fly through the walls.
  • SHOWRIDS – Switches the RIDS display mode.
  • FORCECLASS|FC <CLASS> – Forces a class change.
  • CLASSLIST – Prints a list of all available classes.
  • GOTO <ROOM> – Move to the selected place.
  • RANGE – Unlocks access to the shooting range.
  • ROUNDRESTART – Force round restart.
  • CONFIG – Configuration file commands.
  • BAN <PLAYER|IP>, <MINUTES> – Bans a player for the period specified.
  • BANREFRESH – Reloads the ban list.
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