Yanpai Simulator – 100% Achievement Walkthrough Guide

This guide is to getting all achievements in exact walkthrough.

Walkthrough Guide to Obtain All Achievements


  • This achievement is really easy, when the game is started, choose a girl.

Home, Chat and Street

  • For “Home” achievement, you get it when you have just started the game as well as you are already home.
  • Go on PC for “Chat” achievement.
  • Change the clothing before to exit from house, and once it’s out getting the “Street” achievement.


  • Go into the car and to go school.

School and Class

  • Once arrived to school, go to on bath (ground floor) for shooting the write, for chatting with girl on PC.
  • In the meantime, time passes, wandering around the school, not only to get to know the rooms well.
  • Why not only because it is still too early to go to class.

As soon as it is 10 o’clock:

  1. 10AM: Go to class (first floor and first room).
  2. 13PM: Go to class again (always the same class).
  3. 15PM: Go to the dining room (ground floor, next to the school’s main entrance).
  4. 17PM: Go to class again (always same class).
  5. Leave school and go home.

Pajamas and Sleep

  • Change the clothing and to go sleep (only 20PM).


  • Since you cached the writing on the wall in the bathroom and now you can chat with her.
  • Go on PC for chatting with girl (the girl will tell you find the bear).
  • Change the clothing.
  • Go to school for finding the bear, it is on your left in a classroom next to the bathroom where you shot the writing.
  • Once you have the bear, go home.
  • Go to PC (the girl will tell you kill the blonde girl but before you need the knife).
  • Go to school for knife.
  • The knife is at first floor, go to the first floor, once you get there at the first floor, go to your right and find the knife.
  • You can finally kill this poor blonde girl.

Leave the game and you can see that you have get all achievements. 

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