Hammerwatch – How to Obtain Genocide Achievement (Fastest Method)

A more efficient or faster way to get The Genocide Achievement in Hammerwatch.

Genocide Achievement Guide


First of all, pick the wizard, his standard attacks cover more ground than anyone and just play the game until you get to the first bonus stage (Which looks like Gauntlet).

Note: Make sure not to buy the combo nova, it might screw you up, you can buy anything else that you wish thou, be aware of taking range for your attacks because that might end up destroying the spawners while you take down all the enemies.

Here, get to the room in the south, the one with the most spawners.

Fight awhile on one spot, make sure to get as many health and mana drops on exactly one spot, right in the middle of all the spawners is the best place.

Once there are enough item pickups there, stand inside them, if there are enough, the enemies will be unable to hit you.

Now… you can just kill them as they come, or even better! Just do something else until they stack themselfs up.

Just dont forget about it, there is a Maximum of Enemies that can be there (since the Spawners get blocked sooner or later, they wont be able to shoot out more Dudes).

Also, your frame rate might suffer quite abit, just so you know.

A full room (or max spawn) is around 1600 enemies and takes around 3 minutes to fill up, meaning it will take quite a lot of time to finish this achievement.

I hope I was able to remove some frustration with this guide for some of you that still try to get this.

PS: Make sure not to use your magic attack, since you will be on top of mana crystals, you will eat em up real fast and it will probably make you get hit again.

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