SuchArt: Creative Space – 100% Achievements Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Javo Sixty Four!

Some of the achievements are a little odd so this will inform you how to get them all. You only have a limited time after all so better to maximize it.

Camera Achievements

A perfect shot, really

Pretty easy, walk over to the table with the camera and pick it up. Use the activate button and take a photo which will take a screenshot as well.

It wasn’t me, I swear!

Take the camera and put it into one of the water buckets. You’ll know if you did it right if a popping noise goes off and the screen on the camera has some static on it. You don’t have to do it with the camera, but it leads into the next achievement.

Who need filters

Take the camera that you put into the water and take a picture with it. It will have a distorted effect on it with nice colors.

Gift Achievements

I got you!

There is a gift on top of the ledge behind the spray cans and individual color tubes dispenser. You need to enter the other room with the conveyor belts and pull the lift inside right next to the ledge.use the buttons when on the lift to get to the preset and open it up to get a purple star ball.

A painting for a gift

There are some jobs that will pay you with a gift instead of credits. In my play-through there was 2 of them and they can be retrieved from the conveyor belt. You push one of the buttons on the electronic screen next to the conveyors and it will bring the present out.

Without Needing to Buy Anything Achievements

Yes I know the ones above don’t need you to buy anything either, I can’t think of a better name at the moment.

One should follow their instincts

If you used all the paint colors already, take one of the pallets and fill it with colors with the machine to the right of the spray-can dispenser. On a blank canvas, take the pallet and shove the paint side onto the canvas spreading the paint everywhere.

Personally I love making art this way as it makes such a cool effect.

That’s a lot of paint

This will take some time but if you paint all the commissions and take extra paintings to the marketplace, you will get it in no time. I got this 20-30 minutes in and that includes me messing around.

Brushes are overrated anyway

This one was tedious, until someone in the comments pointed out a better way. Pour out the water in one of the two buckets. Take that bucket to the color dispenser, to the right of the spray-can dispenser, and put the bucket directly underneath. Choose which ever paint you want and click the down arrow to have the paint pour out. When the bucket is full, the paint inside will rise to the top and stop. Take the now full bucket into your inventory and click the use button while facing one of the canvases.

So, am I real artist now?

Complete all 10 of the commissions. Honestly I don’t think it matters what you draw or how much paint you use, but I tried to get it kinda close to the prompt. Some ask you to make certain shapes, characters, or use a specific color of paint. Keep doing the commissions until you get the email that you will see in the image below.

Buying Items Related Achievements

Even better that exposure

I recommend doing this achievement first before the rest as if done out of order will take more time to do this one. You need to get 2000 credits in the game which will be by commissions and putting art on the market place as you will not get enough money from the commissions to achieve it.

Fastest way is to put art on the marketplace in between the commissions. Keep in mind the canvases all cost money except for the ones already in the room when you first start the game. Also depending on how much money you want for a piece will determine how long you will have to wait for it. setting the small canvas printer to the smallest size and selling them for 50 credits is a strategy I used to build up a lot as you can have as many paintings on the marketplace as you want. I sold one that had the smallest dot of paint on it for 50 credits as well.

So, it can blow up

Go to the computer with the mail on it and hit the back arrow in the top left, then click the shopping bag icon with BA BA app on the front of it or the BABA ZONE. Scroll down to the blowtorch labelled “Small Portable Torch Cooking Do-It-Yourself Multifuction” for 500 Credits and buy it.

It will take 4 in-game hours for the torch to arrive. When it does, go to the conveyors and push the button for it to come into the condo. Take it into your inventory and go to the spray-can dispenser taking which ever color you want.

Place the spray-can onto the table’s edge and get as close as possible, like the picture below. Activate the blowtorch and the spray-can should change orange due to the heat then explode. Paint splatters everywhere in the room and makes a really cool effect on canvases.

I have no limit

Go back to the shop, in the home tab buy the item “Sliced Stone Perfect Slice Beautiful Real Stone For Floor or Wall Decoration” for 80 credits. Go to the conveyor again and bring the stone to the small canvas hook by the computer. Paint on it with what ever designs you want and send it in to a commission or onto the marketplace. it will trigger the achievement.


This one is last so you make sure to buy the 2 items listed in the above achievements.

You need to buy another 13 items from the shop and at this point if you only went for the 2,000 credits, you should have at least 1,420 credits left. Go into the shop and buy a lot of cheap items until you hit the 15 purchased items. I bought 13 of the “Spoon” for 20 credits as it was the cheapest item. Took no time at all.

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