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Sea of Solitude - Complete Achievements Guide

Written by d4rk0   /   Feb 10, 2021    

How to Obtain All Achievements


A guide on how to complete all the achievements in Sea of Solitude, a relatively easy and short game, but on the good side, the forced Origin launcher required to play, doesn't have to stay long on your pc. Most of the achievements are story related and cannot be missed and the rest can be completed even after the end of the game by jumping directly to any wanted chapter from the main menu.

Main Story - 9 Achievements

Those achievements are automatically unlocked by progressing with the main story, so just play the game and don't bother much about them because none can be missed.


  • Fired the first flare


  • Connect with mirror Kay for the first time

School's out

  • Made it through school


  • Opened a path through water


  • Finished Level 1

Lonely at the top

  • Reached top of the Skyscraper

Mama and Papa

  • Finished Level 2


  • Finished Level 3


  • Finished the game

Collectibles - 4 Achievements

There are two types of collectibles in the game, one being 39 message bottles to collect on top of the buildings and the other being about shooing 32 seagulls once close to them. If you miss any during the first playthrough, you can always go back to any chapter from the main menu and continue the search. The 4 achievements related to this are the following:


  • Collected your first Message in a bottle


  • Collected all bottles


  • Shooed your first Seagull

Flock of Seagulls

  • Shooed all Seagulls

Here I found a great video that shows the location of both collectibles during one go:

Deep Dive

  • Jumped headfirst into the water from a high point

During the main story in Chapter 1 " Calming Down" section, you will find yourself on top of a high building and all you have to do is jumping into the water from there. The exact location is this:

Comfy (Hidden)

  • Respawned on couch in Skyscraper

During Chapter 6 "The Depths" section, follow the path for the main story and at some point you will drop into an area with two chairs. Kay will make a remark about the furniture, saying that it looks like her father's office. At this point, jump down down the window to your left and you'll respawn on the chair, unlocking the achievement.

Raver (Hidden)

  • Got grabbed by waterhands 10 times

During chapter 3 "Train Station" section right after you start, follow the stairs going down to your right and jump inside the water. Keep dieing there for 10 times.

Seeker (Hidden)

  • Fired 30 flares

All you have to do is spam "Q" for 30 times in order to cast those white balls showing you the way to go.

Human Bait (Hidden)

  • Eaten by Whale 20 times

Anytime during the game, let the sea monster eating you for 20 times.

Mermaid (Hidden)

  • Swam a very long distance

Probably the most boring achievement, you have to swim around for about 20 minutes to get this achievement. Do it in calm waters without the monster around and maybe around the end of the game when you already collected most of this time by playing normally.

Runaway (Hidden)

  • Travelled very far by foot

Given by just walking around during the game, you'll get this by playing normally.

Sailor (Hidden)

  • Travelled a long distance by boat

Given by just driving the boat around during the game, you'll get this by playing normally.

Danger Swimmer (Hidden)

  • Swam a long distance while Whale was around

I'm not exactly sure for how long you have to swim with the monster around for getting this, but I finished the game and I loaded back the beggining of Chapter 6 "The Depths" and the moment I jumped into the water inside the building the achievement popped up. The monster cannot catch you there. Another place to try this is in Chapter 3 "Dangerous Waters", there is a place behind the spawn where you can't get eaten.

Written by d4rk0.