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Earth Analog - Useful Tips and Tricks

Written by plastic_sludge   /   Feb 12, 2021    

An ongoing effort to document things the tutorial doesn't tell you.

The Joy of Not Dying


Press Z to switch to alternative control scheme. Makes it easier to land.

When in ACS you can move your ship up, down and sideways without turning around. Your mouse controls the direction while the camera angle stays locked. A and D rolls the ship.

When landing watch out for your altitude.

Dark Energy

Dark Energy lets you boost yourself by pressing Q

You collect DE by flying close to things and lose it when you move away from them. The boost itself is weak at first but you can upgrade it later in the game.


He is fuel and H2O is water. Both diminish over time. Jumping to a different area also drains these.

Fe is used for repairing things (like your hull and drill).

If you are struggling to find fuel in the tutorial look for it on the moon.

Written by plastic_sludge.

Game:   Earth Analog