Wasteland 3 – Party Composition Guide (Supreme Jerk Difficulty)

The following guide is for the party composition I used to beat the game on Supreme Jerk difficulty.

Guide to Party Composition


The hardest part of this game is its start. Until you finish off the Bizarre and get the PDW-01 smg you will face a lot of challenges, try to persevere and later on you will be rewarded with a much easier run.

Party Composition

Probably the most important aspect of achieving the feat of beating the game on the Supreme Jerk difficulty, the party composition should be planned before you create your initial characters, having in mind all aspects of your playthrough.

In the image below you will see how I decided which paths each character should follow, even companions.

Knowing that, as the 2 initial characters, I decided to choose the Leader and the Sniper just because I was more familiar with their playstyles but you can choose whatever makes you feel safer.


As for the Leader, you can see that i allocated 4 skills for him/her: Auto Weapons, First Aid, Kiss Ass and Leadership. Even tho he has these 4 skills, he won’t be able to maximize all 4, but 3.

Easy to say, I chose to maximize First Aid, Kiss Ass and Leadership because they are the most useful skills in combat support and also dialog options, letting me prevent fights as much as I can.


When creating this char, I placed points into Auto W., First Aid and Leadership. “But you said you were going to focus on Kiss Ass!” Yes, I said that, but since our first companion, Kwon, has Kiss Ass as one of his starting skills, we can start the game investing points into the others until we replace Kwon for Scotchmo. After you change Kwon for Scotchmo, you can start placing points into Kiss Ass.

You should place points into each skill equaly until you maximize all 3, only after that you can start placing some points into Auto Weapons, but be aware you won’t maximize it, since it’s not our primary concern.


For attributes, Coordination and Charisma are your top priority, after that you can put points into Strenght (for tankiness/staying alive to help your allies) or Speed (even tho for some dumb reason I didn’t put points into it, Speed helps a lot in combat, since with high Speed you will spend less Action Points while walking around the arena).


Get the ones from Leadership and First Aid first, then you can start picking up the non-skill perks that will boost your defenses.

Always start your fights by using the Rally skill, that way you will buff your allies as soon as possible.

Leader’s stats by the end of the game (just before entering Liberty’s Room):



3 skills were chosen to the Sniper: Animal Whisper, Sneaky ♥♥♥ and Sniper Rifles. At the start you should place 1 point into Animal Whisper and Sneaky ♥♥♥ and the rest into Sniper Rifles. At first, Animal Whisper is quite dispensable, I would recommend putting 6 or 7 levels into Sniper Rifles and then rushing up Sneaky ♥♥♥♥, since its last perk is a must have for sniper builds.


Most important attributes early on are Intelligence (more criticals) and Awareness (better range + better aim chance). After you maximize these 2 focus on Coordination, since it will give you more Action Points, that you let you shoot 2 times in some turns.


Get the first 3 perks from Sniper Rifles, then go for the last one in Sneaky ♥♥♥. In the meantime get some of the non-skill perks for defenses. The last one from Animal Whisper is very useful because it gives you more crit chance.

As for gear, equip anything that gives you more crit chance. The spectre chest is useful as it gives more detection time to sneak, which will help you scout places before entering combat.

Your Sniper should always, always, be the one who starts the fight, since he/she has the sneak shot bonus, that will scale greatly with your base damage.

Also, take advantage of sneaking behind enemies or scouting places before you start the fight, you can find useful stuff and sometimes will even avoid fighting because of it.

Sniper’s stats by the end of the game (just before entering Liberty’s Room):

When you reach Ranger HQ you will be able to create more rangers. You should create 1 with high Bater skill, another 1 with high Weapon Mod. skill, another 1 with high Armor Mod. skill; these 3 rangers will stay at your base until the end. That way you won’t need to spend points into these skills with your main rangers, saving their points for more useful stuff.

Everytime you’re in the base switch the Leader for any of these base rangers, if you want to upgrade your weapon or armor, or trade with the vendors.

Apart from these permanent base only rangers, you should explore the HQ for stuff in boxes and other places, that way, if you need Lockpick for boxes or crates in the HQ just create a ranger with all points in this skill, if you need Nerd Stuff to access a computer, do the same, and so and so forth.

“Why am I spending your time doing this?” You may ask. Well, because after this first visit they will clean the HQ and most items that were there before won’t be anymore later on.

Now for the last 2 rangers from the main party.


Our main AOE damage dealer.


3 skills: Big Guns, Explosives and Weird science. Those skills are great together. Explosions for AOE and bazookas, Big Guns for Flamethrowers and weird science because it will let you use some armors in the game and will give you bonus damage.

After you max these skills you can place some points into First Aid for self healing.


Coordination for Action Points, Intelligence for Crits, Strenght for tankiness. Speed later on for moving around more.


Take the ones from Big Guns that will give you bonus to flamethrowers, pick those in explosives that will help you in combat and in AOE damage. Also, later on you can pick the first First Aid perk, since it will give you more speed when allies are down. Pick non-skill perks for defenses.

Flamer’s stats by the end of the game (just before entering Liberty’s Room):


Our damage dealer 666 from hell.


3 skills: 

  • Automatic Weapons.
  • Hard Ass.
  • Nerd Stuff.

You should place points into them equally, since they are all useful in all stages of the game. Hard Ass is great for dialog options that will help you avoid conflict. Nerd Stuff is for hacking computers, which will allow you to enter certain areas. And Automatic Weapons is our combat skill for this char.

Later on, after you maximize those 3, you can put 2 points into mechanics, then use the +1 Mechanics hat and catch the first Mechanics perk, which gives you bonus against vehicles.


Coordination and Intelligence should be your priority, after that Awareness will help your hit chance and later on you can put some into Strenght for defenses.


Get the perks for SMGs from the Auto Weapons three. Take the hack enemy robots from the Nerd Stuff three. And later on first one from Nerd Stuff. Pick non-skill perks for defenses.


Try to equip the ones with better defenses and no penalty since you will be face to face to enemies most of the times. Also, some crit chance buffs will help.

For the Weapon: The best one in my opinion is the PDW-01, you can find it in a Hidden cache in Massacre Site area, far east of the map.

Getting to this Massacre Site early on: After you complete the Bizarre quests, come back to Ranger HQ and buy (from the mechanics in the garage) and equip the Kodiac upgrade that will let you explore areas with level 2 radiation. After that, follow this path to get to the location:

SMG’s stats by the end of the game (just before entering Liberty’s Room):



Our first companion, he will be useful while you Scotchmo hasn’t showed up.

Invest points into Kiss Ass and Lockpicking. Level his defenses up and equip the best assault rifles, since we won’t be using him late game, that’s pretty much it.


Our second companion. Use pistols with her.


Tho she already has skill points placed into some skills, focus on Mechanics, Survival and Small Arms while levelling up. Place points equally between those 3.


Intelligence for crits and Coordination for more APs. After that go for Awareness and maybe Speed, Strenght or Luck.


All parks for handguns in Small Arms, the last one from Survival and non-skill perks for defenses.

Lucia’s stats by the end of the game (just before entering Liberty’s Room):


Our beloved hobo. Please InXile, bring him back for Wasteland 4.


Tho he already has skill points placed into some skills, focus on Lockpicking, Toaster Repair and Small Arms while levelling up. Place points equally between those 3, but getting Lockpicking and Toaster Repair to the max level is very useful. Once you maximize those two, try to remember where you left toasters or safes not that you could not open before.


Coordination for extra APs and Intelligence for crits. With the rest of the points you can try to balance things up.


All perks for shotguns from Small Arms. The last one from Toaster Repair. The first one from Sneaky ♥♥♥ and non-skill perks for defenses.

Scotchmo’s stats by the end of the game (just before entering Liberty’s Room):

Late game performance video

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