Codename Gordon – How to Fix Resolution and Windowed Mode

This will be just a quick guide for how to fix the resolution for Codename Gordon and allow you to play it at the best possible way currently.

Guide to Fix

Download Codename Gordon

To download Codename Gordon, all you need to do is to type in this very command into your web browser in order to download the game: 

  • steam://install/92

  • You’ll then see a popup telling you “Open Steam Client Bootstrapper?”, click “Open Steam Client Bootstrapper” and then you’ll be prompted to a install screen.
  • Once you reach here, click “next” and wait the program to finish installing.

Download the Replacement cg.exe File

  • Go to this page and scroll down till you find a file called cg.exe.
  • Then click on manual download and wait for it to finish.

Replace the Old cg.exe File

  • Once you have downloaded the file, go to your downloads and right click the file.
  • Click copy and then go back to your steam library and hover your cursor over manage and then click on “Browse local files”.
  • Now with you’re previous copied version of c.g exe, paste it into the Codename Gordon directory.
  • If it tells you that the destination already has a file called “cg.exe” click “Replace the files in the destination”.
  • Once you have done that you are done! and now you can play Codename Gordon like it was mean’t to be played.


  • If you wanna play the game in Fullscreen, press CTRL + F to put the game in Fullscreen.
  • To exit Fullscreen, press Esc on your keyboard.

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