Persona 5 Strikers – Ultrawide Fix

This guide allows the game to be run at Ultrawide Resolutions. This works for 21:9 and should work for 32:9 as well, so long as you have the right values for 32:9.

Persona 5 Strikers Ultrawide Guide

Things needed: Reshade and Cheat Engine.

  1. Install Reshade to game folder and in Shaders list select Fubax-shaders, in the next screen select AspectRatio.fx and proceed to the next step which should get reshade installed.
  2. Start game, load game, main menu, doesn’t matter.
  3. Open reshade configuration and make sure Aspect Ratio shader is checked (make sure it’s not in performance mode (tiny checkbox at bottom right of the window)), then at bottom of Reshade window find the AspectRatio.fx and set the slide of “Correct proportions” to 0.343 — For 32:9 keep moving the slider Until it reaches the Edge of the screen.
  4. Download the script for Cheat Engine, double click the script file, then in Cheat Engine press the Monitor icon and select Persona 5 Strikers, select yes in the window that appears and then at the bottom of the CE window click the 4 checkboxes.
  5. Click the Value of 1.777777… of “Game Aspect Ratio” at the bottom of Cheat Engine, and set to 2.333333333 or 2.34 and press enter — this should fix the Aspect Ratio for 21:9, for 32:9 you have to change this value until you get it right (sorry don’t have a 32:9 to test).
  6. You can click the Value for the UI and set it to the same value of “Game Aspect Ratio” and it will look like 16:9 not stretched, or you can leave default so it stretches.

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