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Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial - Basic Guide

Written by Wreave   /   Updated: Feb 27, 2021    

Just some basics about the game and game modes.

Guide to Basics


Five Areas

  • Each area is divided into three sub-areas: trash, trash, boss.
  • There's a rest/upgrade/shop after each sub-area (including after the boss).
  • Sub-areas are slightly randomized, and will vary a little between runs.
  • Each area has five magic cores. Location varies, but number of cores per sub-area is fixed.
  • E.g. City of Despair has one core in first sub-area and four cores in second sub-area.

Areas and Magic Cores per Sub-Area

  • City of Despair: 1, 4
  • Glimmer Cave: 3, 2
  • Ancient Capital: 2, 3
  • Burning Battlefield: 1, 4
  • Giant Baby Home: 2, 3



  • Death sends you back to beginning townhouse and the tower resets.
  • Lose half your chips, lose half your crystals and all three weapons.
  • Keep any upgrades that you bought.
  • Magic cores: lose any cores from current run (but keep magic cores from previous completions (see New Game+).
  • Can teleport between teleporters in current sub-area only.
  • Cannot travel backward from rest stops.

Easy mode

  • Respawn at last rest stop. Tower does not reset.
  • Dont lose any chips, crystals or magic cores.
  • Can teleport between teleporters in current area (not just current sub-area).
  • Also from rest stop, can travel backward to previous sub-area, and can teleport to any other discovered rest stop (including townhouse).

Easy mode Downside

  • Breakables remain broken, chests remain opened. Bosses stay dead.
  • Only trash mobs respawn. So to gain more crystals, you'll have to go back and farm trash mobs.
  • You'll gain crystals a little more slowly because there won't be more chips dropping from breakables.
  • IMO, not as fun as Rogue Lite mode.

New Game+

After completing the game, you'll be able to reload the save to start again in New Game+ mode

New Difficulty Levels

  • When entering the tower, you'll be able to choose difficulty level: E, D, C, B, A, S.
  • After completing S, you'll be able to choose SS difficulty.

Magic Cores from previous completions are retained

  • Which means that you can farm magic cores by continually reclearing the tower.
  • Which is useful for clearing higher levels. And Hidden Boss.


  • Weapons, chips, etc from previous run are retained.
  • But, you'll still lose weapons, chips in the usual way if you die.

Easy Mode

  • Tower resets, and you lose discovered teleporters and rest points.

Challenge Mode

  • Challenge mode is a wave battle that takes place in a simple Arena.

"Hidden" Boss

  • Isn't really hidden. It's knight you talk to at the end.
  • But you won't be able to challenge him until you're on Difficulty A.
  • There's no trash area, just the boss fight (takes place in the Arena).
  • Expect to farm a lot of magic cores to beat this guy (Like hundreds of them).



  • Two dresses from the free cosmetics DLC.
  • To get the armor on the docks you'll need enough crystals. If you're in Rogue-Lite mode, that means dying with 400+ crystals on your person so that you can still afford it after the death tax takes away half your crystals.
  • Other armor and hair styles drop at specific points in the game (And it all seems to drop on the initial "E" difficulty level. At later difficulty levels, the drops just repeat.).


  • See other guides, but note...
  • Other guides seem to assume that you're farming magic cores, which you can only do after you've finished the game once.
  • Stacks of magic cores obviate the need for attack, defense, etc. chips.
  • But that does not apply on your first run through. At that point, you may still want attack, etc. crystals. YMMV.

Written by Wreave.