Zombie Army 4: Dead War – Weapon Mastery

A little guide to help you know what weapons are easiest to master for you so you can use your upgrades wisely.

This will help with the 2 weapon mastery achievements Weapons Expert and I can do anything I want, I got guns!

Weapon Mastery

I’ve tried to put these in order from simplest/easiest, to the hardest/longest time to master.

Sidearms (Pistols)


Get 200 headshot kills

This is the easiest mastery out of the 3 base weapons, self explanatory, just have a steady aim and ping their heads off.

Webley MKVI

Get 200 double kills

This requires you to kill 2 birds with one stone 200 times.. aiming for the head will make this a lot easier, but it will still take some time because the zombies are often limping around and don’t line up very often for you.. It’s best to set up your enemies to 4 players and rinse and repeat checkpoints.

C96 Pistol

Get 200 ricochet kills

This will be quite a hard challenge as you have to kill a zombie by shooting a different one, just because the damage on this weapon isn’t the highest. make sure to have Full auto, Drum Magazine, and Damage Mod equipped.



Get a kill every 2 seconds for a total of 30 kills

This for me would be the easiest one to master, Just load up Hell Machine, set the enemies to 4 players, and start popping heads off (Make sure you have extended magazine III equipped as this gives you 45 shots instead of 30, just incase you’re bad at aiming)

M30 Drilling

Kill 250 zombies by dismembering limbs

This is quite an easy one to do, it might take a bit longer but as its a heavy shotgun, shooting off limbs won’t be hard at all, just get yourself lots of enemies crowded up and you will eventually get this mastery.


Shoot and dismember the legs of 200 zombies

All you have to do is dismember the legs of zombies (using actual bullets and not the melee attachment) Some upgrades can help you with this one, I used Rapid fire bolt III and just sprayed at the legs of large groups of zombies, This one is more difficult because you’re not always guaranteed dismemberment, sometimes you might see a leg fly off but it doesn’t count sometimes, that’s why this is one of the harder ones, it’s a bit of a gamble.

Trench Gun

Get 200 triple kills or above

This is quite a powerful weapon so it doesn’t sound too hard, but getting triple kills isn’t that common, so if you want this one just aim for the top half of zombies and hope for the best.


Mosin-Nagant M91/30

Kill 200 enemies with headshots from at least 50m away

I found this to be the easiest, If you load up the level Hell Machine, the first part where the zombies are coming down the hill out of the smoke is 50m away so you can just rinse and repeat this part of the level until you get it.

Gewehr 43

Kill 10 snipers through their scopes

It does sound like it’s going to be difficult but as long as they’re aiming at you, you should be able to get this pretty easy if you just aim for their sniper scope. I wouldn’t put this as the easiest as they don’t stay in the same place for long, so it could get quite frustrating. Hell base would be a good level to try this on.

M1 Garand

Kill 100 heavies, officers or screamers by shooting their weak spots

This is definitely the hardest out of the three base weapons purely because this would take a long time (unless you want to reload checkpoints after a gathering of heavies or officers) screamers are out of the question, it’s basically certain death if you’re trying to kill one with a sniper

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