Aether Gazer – Causality Survey Guide (Spealght Industries)

Causality Survey Chapter 1-5 (Spealght Industries)

By Selinda

1: Production Line

Pic 1: When you tap the “info” marked in the pic, the camera will focus on that specific Turbulance Rift, Attack it.

Pic 2: It will give a Control panel to make a way for bottom lane.

2: Warehouse

Pic 1: Tapping info marked with 1 will focusing to Control Panel marked with 2, tap to lift up the container.

Pic 2: Same thing.

3: Testing Ground

Pic 1: All you need to know is Do not touch the door I marked

Pic 2: There’s control panel 1, to open the way for those 2 doors.

The Key that marked with 2 is only single use, make sure to open the door that have chest on it! If you already used the key to the wrong door, just restart.

Control panel 3 is just disabling the ground shockwave I pointed there.

4: Test Chamber

Pic 1: The main idea is do LESS battle. Focus on Gaea’s gate No. 1 first and tap it. Then tap Gaea’s gate No. 2.

Pic 2: Go to blue portal from Gaea’s gate No. 1 in the Pic 1, and follow the route. There is a key behind the Turbulence Rift.

Pic 3: Now go to blue Portal from Gaea’s gate No. 2 from the Pic 1, ignore the Control Panel I marked with X for now, focus on the key and orange control panel I marked with orange.

Then go back using blue portal, open the door in the middle of Pic 1.

Pic 4: Now tap the Gaea’s gate I marked with No. 1 in this Pic, go to Control Panel marked with 2 and tap it, you will get the way with less Turbulence Rift.

Pic 5: Focus on this route for lesser fight.

Pic 6: Now you can go back to the control panel from Pic 3 and get the chest inside.

5: Control Room

Pic 1: Still the same idea, do less battle. For this part, ignore all Control Panels in this pic and just get all keys.

Pic 2: Focus on tapping Gaea’s gate marked with No. 1, then No. 2. There is a key behind the Turbulence Rift. Then it’s just straightforward.

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