Age of Mythology: Extended Edition – Guide for Oranos

Oranos Guide

Oranos 4:30 Build Order

  • Easy to learn and execute
  • Effective at all levels of play
  • Balances Economy and Aggression
  • Also works for Kronos and Gaia
  • Is the most commonly used Build Order for 1V1s
  • Works on all land maps

Archaic Age (4:30 Build Order)

  • Auto-queue villagers
  • Build economic guild and upgrade to hunting dogs
  • Send free scouts around the map
  • Get 2 food villagers
  • Get 1 wood villager
  • Get 1 gold villager
  • Build house with gold (or wood) villager
  • Get 2 more food villagers
  • Build temple with gold (or wood) villager (Time should be around 3:05)
  • Get 1 more gold villager
  • Stop auto-queuing villagers
  • Start advancing to classic age (Prometheus)
  • Move 1 food villager to wood
  • Upgrade to hand axe and pickaxe
  • When you got 120-150 gold move 1 gold villager to wood

Note: Don’t build sky passages too early.

Classical Age (Prometheus)

  • There should be 2 food, 3 wood and 2 gold villagers
  • Auto-queue Prometheans (Not necessarily and only until 115 population)
  • Build 2 counter-barracks
  • Build 1 house
  • Build 1 barrack
  • Auto-queue Turma, Murmillos (until 115 population)
  • Use the Valor god power on one villager and 3 military units/oracles
  • Harass your enemy’s hunt sources and guard your own hunters
  • Harass your enemy’s wood and gold sources
  • Build more houses (until you have 115 population space)
  • Try to get 3 town centers early on
  • New villagers all go to wood
  • Put 8 citizens on farms
  • Build an Amory
  • Start advancing to the heroic age (Theia)
  • Build 3 or 4 barracks for Arcus

Heroic Age (Theia)

  • Place the tree god power near the town center (to protect from other god powers)
  • Get economic upgrades
  • Build a palace
  • Train Destroyers and Arcus
  • Build market (trade wood for gold, gold for food, if necessary)
  • Quickly start advancing to mythic age (Hekate)

Mythic Age (Hekate)

  • Quickly get the titan and/or attack the enemy with the help of Tartarian gate
  • Get Mythic Rejuvenation for your titan

General Tips

  • Take a 2nd Town Center (around 8:30 if you don’t lose too many soldiers, take it even earlier against Egyptian, right after you harass him off hunt.)
  • Attack your enemy on his 2nd Gold Mine (His first 3000 gold runs out at about ~10 minutes in game usually, a bit later for Greeks.)
  • Your goal: Either gold starve your opponent, secure a 4-2 TC advantage or gain a large economy advantage and win in the mythic age with Tartarian Gate and a push or build a Titan Gate
  • Stymphalian Birds are very powerful against Norse, and Lampades can be used to counter big myth units such as Fire Giants and Colossus
  • Try denying your opponent gold by controlling gold mines and their trade route
  • If you choose to go for a Titan Gate, place it next to Hesperides Tree to protect it from God Powers
  • Controlling your oracles to constantly be walking instead of standing still is better for collecting pigs/goats/cows
  • After advancing, try to hide your oracles near settlements and gold mines to get vision of them
  • It is often worth using Shockwave just to pick off one or two units
  • Turma can dodge most projectiles while moving (this is only the case for Oranos, and not for Kronos and Gaia)

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  1. nice guide
    water build would be good
    also the 4:00 variants for water, land no hunting dogs, and land hunting dogs

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