Apartament 1406: Horror – Game Tips

Mini guide for the Apartament 1406.

Useful Tips and Tricks

  1. Expand Your inventory

Similar to the classic title Resident Evil 1, in the game Apartment 1406, you also have limited space in your inventory. Don’t forget to search for a backpack or other items that will increase the number of available slots. This will greatly facilitate managing your items and improve your chances of survival. You can also drop items (3. Items).

  1. Rusty bags

If you come across rusty bags in the game, remember that you can use them to store items that don’t fit in your inventory. It’s a great way to keep valuable items without worrying about running out of space.

  1. Items

Just like in Resident Evil 0, in the game Apartment 1406, you can drop, combine, inspect, and use items. Experiment with them to find effective strategies in combat and exploration. Assigning important items to hotkeys can also significantly speed up gameplay. You can also find items after defeating enemies, similar to the mechanic in Dead Space.

  1. Explore with courage and awareness

Don’t be afraid to explore different rooms (it’s quite safe…). Exploration is a key element in the Apartment 1406 game. It’s worth thoroughly searching every place, as you’ll find extra items that could prove invaluable during gameplay.

  1. Boss

Each boss in the game behaves differently, so your combat strategy needs to adapt to each specific opponent. Try different approaches and tactics until you discover the method that works best.

  1. Game save

Although the game features an autosave system, you can always manually save the game at any time (pause menu). This is particularly useful before particularly challenging sections or before facing a boss. Don’t forget that you can also delete unnecessary saves to keep things organized.

  1. Last hope mode

After completing the game, you can compete with other players and earn points for Steam Learboards.

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