Bakso Simulator – Beginners Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Marte!

I have gathered a few tips and advices that should help new players.

Guide for New Players

I’m in Bakso Town, Now What?

The first time you play the game, there will be a tutorial that should help you get things started. It will teach you how to suply your cart and stabilish your place putting the table and chair properly. You will notice that the goatee guy will take care of the preparation so you may think “Well what am i supposed to do?”

What i recommend you to do is make sure your cart is supplied with ingredientes and enough gas, so you can go around the city. There is a lot of stuff hiding in the corners or behind plant pots like chairs, tables, ingredients and even hiding npcs and shops!


Some shops will have more relevance as the owners will take part in some quests.

These are the shops you should familiarize with:


For some decoration.



Home Furniture

Decoration and have an item related to a quest.

Landscape Adventure

Decoration for your yard.

Luxury Furniture



Decoration and have an item related to quest. You can sell stuff you don’t want here throwing the item at the NPC.

Music Shop

I’m still playing the game but what i have found so far, there are itens related to quests.

Gerobak (skin shop)

Sells skins for your cart.

Cat (paint shop)

Sell paints that you will use in some quests.

Tanaman Seeds

You can buy seeds here that will help you in stocking the cart and some seeds help in quests like the Red Rose.

Bahan Makanan snacks

You can buy these and put them on your tables. Make sure the chairs are connected to table or the clients won’t take’em. If your costumers grab one, they will pay you more when they’re done.

Soda Stand

Here, you will buy some sodas that your clients will ask while waiting for their requests. Serving people what they are asking, makes’em pay more.

Serbaguna (useful stuff)

Now we are getting to the more useful places!

  • You can buy the repellents to avoid those pesky flys.Customers will rate you negatively if you don’t take care of it.
  • You can buy gas tanks here. You will need a lot of it along the gameplay.
  • You can buy candles to scare off ghosts after 20:00pm.
  • You can buy newspaper here for more positive ratings too.

MB Furniture

Here you will be shopping for tables, chairs and decorations. The more they’re expensive, better the results. Don’t try to buy the most expensive right away because you will have to deal with thieves and a bug that make stuff disappear sometimes. I’d recomend to prevent the bug, spread your tables. Don’t put them very close.


Here, you will buy upgrades for your cart, for a certain NPC and for your home.


Sells decorations and itens related to quests. You will come here more them a few times. The owner will give you a quest after some progress in the game.


Everything you buy online, will spawn here.


This is the where you should rely in the beginning. Stock everytime here for maximizing your profits. You also can buy some of the beverage that you can’t in the soda stand.

Hiding Shop (behind the police station)

If you go to this location, you’ll notice there’s a half opened door, with a npc inside that will give you a quest. He sells the bombs for opening the crates and something that goes in one of your recipes, after you adquire it.

Les Masak

Lastly, this place will sell you upgrades like books that make your bakso man cook faster, get better rattings, makes you go faster and bakso man stays up till latter. You can buy more recipes here that will sell for more.

Points of Interest

Along the town, there are some places you will visit for questing and get some itens.


The Arcade have some mini games where you will get prizes like decorations and some quest related itens too. You can sell itens here too. The arcade opens at 17:00pm.

The Plaza

Here, we will have some NPC’s selling paintings and some NPC’s coming here in certain moments of their quests too. We also have…

Plaza field plots

You can plant here and water with the Qanua the machine close to it sells. You’ll need for some quests and to get stocks of bakso and vegetables. They’re worth at beginning when you don’t have cash.

Town hall

You get acess after some progress in a quest.

Police Station

Related to a quest.

Haunted House

Related to a quest.


Let’s take a closer look on every icon and what they do:

My Cart

You can buy supplies automatically here but they will cost your more. You will also notice there’s a gas meter that you need to keep in check. If ingredients or gas are missing, your bakso partner will start to complain and stop the service right away.


When you click the News button, it shows you what’s the recipe that’s paying more at the moment.


Here, you can play a gacha mini game that if you’re Lucky, you can win up to 15.000.000. You also can lose a lot, so its up to you.

Bakso man

Show statistics after your upgrades.

Quest Log

In this screen, you can see what you’ve done and which quests are active yet. The item the NPC is requiring from you and at what time you can find them. If there are question marks, you didn’t find them yet.

Loot box

This one is a gacha game too, but its not worth in almost any case. If you’re very Lucky, you can get the baton that is a quest item. But believe me, don’t spend your hard earned cash here.


Every recipe you bought will be shown here. After you buy one, make sure you activate it in this menu.


Here you can pay your employees after your recruit them. Locked behind quests but totally worth the investment.

Online Shop

This shop can save some trips downtown if you’re lazy like me. The boba’kso kit is cheaper here then in the market, so keep this in mind when customers are asking for them.


The more ratings, better your costumers will be. They will pay you more as you unlock more upgrades from Les Masak.

My Plants

You can see in this screen the progress of your plants growing in the fields.

Extra tab: Sorob app

After you unlock the Sorob, the owner of the eletronics will give you a quest and if you complete, she will add this app to your tablet. You can buy some of the beverage here automatically saving you time.


If you only needed to open your cart and let the cash flow, it would be very easy and tedious. Luckily, there are some events in the game that make us keep the eyes open.


Everynow and then, you will receive a notification telling that you’ve received a request. You just need to open your tablet and accept it so a delivery guy will come to get it.


Now here’s your main reason for you to be around your cart. They spawn randomly around the day (usually two per day). You’ll need three punches to knock one down. As soon as you unlock the Guard, the game become much more easy and enjoyable.

Runaway customers

Another reason you want to keep looking its because customers try to get away without paying you (including kids). So give them the “old one two” (three actually) and they will happily pay their debts. The guard employee don’t deal with them, so you really have to watch for it.

Crate Drops

Sometimes you will hear a plane sound and get a notification that something is dropping from the sky. Just look up or around the town to get it. They will be opened with bombs and they have rarities. You don’t need to open them right away. Save money by put them together and blow two or three boxes at a time.


SOROB or S.O-rob

This guy will help you serve soda and other beverage to your customers. To unlock it, you’ll need 6 batteries of each type and he still ask a Washing Machine and a Radio to fix it. After that, it’ll go to your restaurant help you. Unlock him last.


This fella here has a sad story but he will really help you with your business by entertaining customers (make them be more patient and rate you better) when you unlock him. He will ask you for some itens like a Fridge, a Squat Toilet and a Toilet at the end. He is kinda cheap to unlock in comparison with the others. Make him a priority.


This girl will ask you to beat 60 thieves at your own. That will take some time but after that, she will ask for two batons and that means 30.000.000m. Expensive but really worth as she will dispatch any thief that come close to you. You won’t have to worry go buying supplies and have anything lost anymore! I really mean it, she’s the best one to get first and the best “upgrade” for your business.


Man, i hate this guy. As soon as you meet him, he will ask you 10.000.00m as initial fee for you to have an extra space. But that doesn’t stop there. He will ask 5.000.000m more after that and 30.000.000m more! And still, i haven’t finished his quest yet. Even the worker he sent us has problems that we’ll have to deal (and that means more cash going out). Leave his quest for last.


After you’’re familiarized with the game, shops and mechanics, let’s talk money!

So far, what i can advice you to invest first, its the ‘cook faster’ upgrade, the ‘rating’ upgrade and the recipes while you’re doing some of the employees quest. Focus on Slaf while beating up thieves so you can recruit the guard later when you have the money.

This game is grindy so you will need patience. Spread your tables and chairs to avoid bugs and keep the eyes opened for thieves and runaway customers. Upgrades like ‘Walk faster’ or ‘Work till later’ are not necessary at beginning. There will be quests requiring itens from the Arcade too. Leave these as they demand RNG and we need a solid income first. And of course, have fun playing!

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  1. Never mind, I figured out the big solution to this thing: while the middle and left/right dials are paired together, the other left/right dial is able to freely rotate by itself. Set the center and side lights up so that you can point them together, move the other light on the other side into position, rotate center light down to the bottom and Bob’s Yer Hellish Mass Of Screaming Spines.

  2. Great guide! Just one thing, when you write how much money you need for certain things it should be either 10m or 10.000.000. Because 10.000.000m is equal to which is a million times what you wrote if you understand, but otherwise a great guide for everybody playing the game.

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