Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered – How to Beat Any Mode

Today I will show you route’s to beat baldi basics classic remastered In any mode.

Guide to Beat Any Mode

Route 1

  • So first you wanna get your 2 notebooks.
  • Then go right then go past sweeping time’s closet and then get the notebook with the blue door (you should see it when you go down the hallway).
  • Then go get a BSODA in the same hallway.
  • Then go up and then go right to another classroom.
  • Go back to get another notebook.
  • Then go in the cafeteria to find another BSODA unless your on demo mode.
  • Go to the end of the cafeteria and then go up turn and turn again to find 2 classrooms.
  • Then for the exits well the choice is yours.

Route 2

  • For this next one you wanna go to your left into a school faculty.
  • Pick up all items in there.
  • Then get your third notebook in the same place I said in route 1.
  • Then do the rest in route 1 to.

Route 3

  • Do it backwards.

Entities problem

If your having trouble with them try and not do the route until you get away from the person only if your having trouble with them.

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