BlasterBeat – Tips for Getting Many Points

Some Tips and basics on how to get many points in your BlasterBeat matches and possibly get onto the Leaderboards. I call the Arrows that come from the side “Beats”, so dont be confused if you know them as a different Name, im not a player of rhythm games.

Practise Tracks

I know this sounds boring to do, but at least being familiar with all the Tracks and their different speeds and Drops really helps alot in game, just going through every track once should be enough.

You will probably learn the beats of the tracks the more you play the game, i would just practise if you are new.

UI Settings

You can change the Beat/Marker preset which makes the beats come from the bottom, some may prefer this over the default setting so try around with it. You can also change Colours and Opacity of your Marker and Crosshair if one colour is easier to see for you than white.


This is probably the most important thing for getting high Points, having high multipliers gives you alot of Points so you should try to keep the Points Multiplier as high as possible.

Your Multiplier increases if you hit/damage oponents, to keep your Multiplier up you must not miss any beats.

If you miss a beat you can see it if the Crosshair and the Arrows turn red, missing 1 Single beat will reset your entire Multiplier, so if you have a 50x Multiplier for example it will reset to 1x after missing 1 beat so be careful and don’t brainlessly spam your shots.

Also what some may not know is that your Ability and Dash can also reset your Multiplier if you don’t time them with the Beats, this also gets indicated with the crosshair turning red, don’t spam your dash button since it even resets the multiplier it if you press the dash button while the dash is on cooldown.

On the other hand, your Hoverboard and Melee wont affect your mltiplier at all so you can spam them all you want!


You can earn these by doing a variety of different things like double kills or hitting multiple beats in a row, melee kills or even do airshots with the rocket launcher. There are alot of them and idk how many exist, just play and you may get one I dont know of yet.

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